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Moawin Foundation, a Non-Profit Company registered under Section 42 of Companies Act working for improvement of education and provision of Technical skills in Pakistan, needs services of General Manager Monitoring & Evaluation. The position requires Masters in Economics, MS Project Management or relevant field of Social Sciences and atleast 5 years of Monitoring & Evaluation specific experience with the development organization, excellent spoken & written English language skills and experience in developing a Computerized Monitoring & Evaluation System. The position is based in Islamabad therefore, local residents will be preffered.

Detailed Job Description/TORs are given below: 

Job Description:

  1. Develop a comprehensive computer-based M&E regime meeting the requirements of different education programs and Board of Moawin Foundation.
  2. Lead the M&E and other departments of MF in implementing M&E policies approved by the Board.
  3. Ensure the effectiveness of monitoring tools in tracking progress of all programs, in view of the feedback provided by the management and Board.
  4. Develop Log Frame Analysis or other tools to collate and analyze field monitoring results reflecting on performance and policy implications.
  5. Guide M&E team to develop training modules and provide on job training to field monitoring teams.
  6. Review and follow up of M & E regime in preparing monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring reports.
  7. Report bottle-necks/snags/issues if any in the smooth and transparent implementation of the projects and programs.
  8. Advise regional and program teams for Mid-Course Correction.
  9. Prepare MF reports, Monthly/quarterly/annual progress reports of all programs for the Board and funding agencies.
  10. Supervise M & E staff, allocate work and follow up for given tasks.
  11. Participate in MF program trainings to understand and improve the program interventions.
  12. Oversee the initiatives in capacity building of staff for effective implementation of Projects specifically for compliance assurance, appropriate visibility, child protection and gender mainstreaming
  13. Carry out and undertake studies and impact assessment as required.
  14. Prepare proposals for funding.
  15. Prepare quarterly and annual report of Moawin Foundation.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Development of Monitoring & Evaluation regime with effective scientific tools.
  2. Overall effective management of the monitoring activities.
  3. Recording, reporting and feedback system.
  4. Timely submission of programs’ evaluation reports.
  5. Provision of critical input for program improvement.

Job Specifications:

Academic:       MS in Project Management, Economics, or relevant field of social sciences.

Experience:     Minimum 5 years of Monitoring & Evaluation or relevant experience preferably in development sector at least two years’ experience of a senior management position.


Note: Three (3) references to be provided, One (1) Current Employer, Second (2) previous Employer and Third (3) Personal Reference. The current employer reference will be contacted at the time of finalization. 

"We’re an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without discrimination of race, color, religion, sex and gender etc. The organization reserves the right to select / disqualify any candidate irrespective of the education / experience."