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Title:                                                                      Research Manager

Location of Work Station:                                    Karachi

Type of Job:                                                        Contractual

Reporting to:                                                        Chief Executive Officer/Associate Director

Scale/Grade:                                                         6  

Organization background

The Legal Aid Society (LAS) is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to connect vulnerable and disempowered end-users of justice with effective and expedient services for the delivery of justice. LAS starts by listening to the voices of the vulnerable and disempowered within the legal system and combines their needs with the values of equity, fairness, and inclusion to change the way we view and tackle present-day challenges facing the attainment of justice in our society. The organization adopts a two-pronged approach within the larger framework of access to justice in Pakistan. The first aspect of programming is to provide direct assistance on a case by case and individualized basis through the provision of legal representation; akin to plugging in gaps in the provision of legal aid. The second aspect of programming is aimed at systems level repair through the legal empowerment approach which seeks to increase knowledge of law amongst common users for effectuating more access and change within the surrounding legal ecosystem.

Details of Vacancy

LAS seeks to appoint a full-time Research Manager to research ongoing projects as they relate to access to justice, accountability, and transparency, good governance, legal empowerment, etc.

Key Responsibilities


Knowledge exchange (KE) and impact The successful candidate will be responsible for assisting with knowledge exchange and impact activities.

Tasks will include the following:

-          Organize seminars, events, and training sessions

-          Convert research into impact e.g. producing lay summaries of work, identifying impact and KE opportunities

-          Monitor and evaluate KE and impact

-          Identify, develop and maintain relations with stakeholders and also conduct lobbying efforts.

-          Prepare KE and impact materials

-          Prepare annual program/research reports

-          Develop in consultation with the technical lead, an overall research strategy/plan for LAS and assigned projects.

-          Provide technical input on program-related tasks such as IEC material/trainings as and when required

-          Identifying, managing, and reviewing consultants for key research activities such as Field Advocate Trainings, FGDs, KAP survey, etc.

-          Assist, advise and strategize on research-based components of LAS-wide organizational documents, briefs, policy papers, project proposals, and other material as required.


Research The successful candidate will lead research projects to satisfy project objectives.

Indicative tasks include:

-          Maintaining a broad overview and managing progress on research deliverables

-          Coordinate, communicate, brief, and update project donor(s) on various research components/activities regularly.

-          Coordinate study teams and manage research project timelines

-          Supervise the work of research associate(s), including desk research such as literature review, casefile/judgment analysis, and field research.

-          Supervise the work of the research coordinator, including developing data collection tools (such as LNA, FGD, KII, and KAP), liaising with stakeholders, field staff, consultants, etc., conducting data collection, data analysis, data reporting, and desk research

-          Supervise and direct the work of field staff related to research, regularly by conducting field visits, organizing trainings and workshops.

-          Supervise and review fieldwork data collection (FGDs, KIIs, KAP Surveys, etc.) and data inputting

-          Supervise and reviewing data collection.

-          Review and develop research tools, literature reviews, and drafts of the report.

-          Lead, supervise and participate in FGDs and KIIs, and other research activities as required.

-          Author first drafts of reports with research associate(s) and research coordinator.

Project-specific tasks (Assessment of the Legal System for Religious Minorities):

In addition to looking after the general research activities described above, the successful candidate will be particularly managing the research portfolio of the Religious Minorities Project. This would entail among other things, Reviewing and analyzing legal aid cases taken up by LAS, leading the procurement and analysis of case files/judgments, reporting the findings of FGDs and KAP Survey with key stakeholders, managing the dissemination of research outputs/findings through innovative various media forms (articles/op-eds, TV appearances, podcasts, documentaries, etc) and compiling the final comprehensive report at the end of the project cycle. This is not an exhaustive list.

Strategic planning and development


The successful candidate will support planning further research components and research activities.

Person Profile

Education & qualifications

Candidates should have a strong educational background in

Law or a related subject such as governance, public policy, or sociology and be educated to a Master's level in one of these disciplines.

Specialist knowledge &


Prior experience in conducting legal or socio-legal research.  Proficient with spreadsheet programs. Excellent IT skills. Proficient with SPSS and InDesign. Excellent practical and theoretical knowledge of research methodology and methods is important.


Basic to intermediate understanding of the Pakistan legal system, in terms of substantive and procedural law would be a huge asset.

Interpersonal &

communication skills

Well-developed interpersonal/communication skills and strong organizational skills are essential.

Methodical but efficient and flexible approach to work.

Relevant experience

3-4 Years of experience in Legal research and/or project management related to the mission of LAS is desirable.














This section details the knowledge, skills, and experience we require for the role.