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Job responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the development and business opportunities excavation of telecom operators or government and enterprise markets, and undertake related business indicators such as soft sales, revenue, collection, and strategic tasks;
  2. Establish and maintain customer relationships and promote the development of in-depth cooperation through customer relationship improvement planning;
  3. Acquire and identify key stakeholders in the decision-making chain, maintain and improve stakeholder relationships;
  4. Responsible for customer needs and plans, market opportunity analysis and strategies, competitor analysis and response measures, etc.
  5. Plan and promote the market, customers, and projects, be responsible for planning invitations, arranging key customers to visit the company, planning and customer reception work, to achieve the purpose of invitation visits;
  6. Conduct communication and presentations on market development and cooperation for customers;
  7. Organize projects to be marked and control the execution of the process;
  8. Continue to track and promote the responsible or participating business opportunities and projects until they are implemented;
  9. Organize and promote the collection of the contract in charge, including formulating a collection plan, collecting and submitting certificate documents, tracking customer process, key node customer maintenance, tracking payment process, etc. and be responsible for the results;

Job requirements:

  1. Familiar with the basic concepts of sale and market;
  2. Familiar with the work standard process/market policy;
  3. Understand the specific products, Competitor’s information, industry-related knowledge, etc. with clear and complete business description;
  4. Understand the customer's business strategy and development plan, and have the ability to independently operate the project;
  5. Familiar with product quotation and contract business knowledge, understand the whole process of business activities;
  6. Actively collect customer needs and respond correctly, actively collect feedback on competitive information, and actively compete with competitors;
  7. Able to independently complete the sales actions of the project, and have the complete operational capabilities of small and medium-sized projects;
  8. Able to give a planning analysis for the company's products in a single customer, clear business objectives, along with practical suggestions;
  9. frequent reflection and summary of daily work, coordinate resources and strive to keep performance ahead.