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We are looking for a candidate to join our software development team. The people with excellent communication skills, demonstrable work ethics, team players, having grasp of data structures and ability to  solve complex problems are the important traits that we look for in people starting their careers in software development or have experience of working in the software development field.

The skill to understand end-user problems and needs. A critical skill required to understand end users needs is an important skill that you need to learn every day. We know when software engineers understand users' needs, then they are able to think better about solving users' problems by writing good quality software. 

  • Write software that is well designed, structured and reproducible. Learn best practices in software development products all the time and implement it on the daily basis.
  • The person would have a mind of a product designer where you develop small prototypes quickly or create software components and understand how these software components can become part of the main software or bigger ecosystem.
  • Work with teams in improving the software development procedure all the times by introducing necessary quality assurance procedures and tools.
  • People who understand full-stack software development and can are experts in any one area of full-stack development.

We work on solving large scale problems. This requires you to write quality software and components that can be .

If you have something to show to us then please apply. We refer to the work done with samples - be it in university or professional environment and ability to learn more than resume.