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Position Objective

Epidemiologist- Hep C Program will work in close coordination with Program team at FO and Provinces under technical and administrative supervision of the Country Director for timely completion of 2021 workplan activities. In an interdependent echo system, the incumbent is expected to coordinate with the health services, logistics, and technology sectors related to health of Pakistan and will be responsible for;

Job Responsibilities

  1. Assessment of disease surveillance and response system for Hep C and role of different stakeholders;
  2. Assessment of mortality and morbidity caused by Hep C to monitor disease patterns, population at risk, etc.
  3. Assessment of surveillance data management for detection of Public Health Emergency of International Concern, potential outbreaks, timely response and public health response generated;   
  4. Assessment of treatment regimens in line with the international guidelines and mapping of public/private/parastatal organizations’ treatment facilities/sentinel sites for priority infectious diseases;
  5. Assessment of PDMUs functionalities and recommendations for their effective operationalization;
  6. Assessment of current Supply Chain management of drugs and supplies for Hep C program management and funding gap analysis;
  7. Development of proposed Supply Chain framework to ensure timely availability of drugs and lab supplies at public health laboratories and treatment site;
    1. Develop effective strategies for the prevention and control of Hepatitis C in line with the vision of MoNHSRC;
    2. Steer the development of strategic thinking and direction of the MoNHSRC;
    3. Coordinate with all relevant national/provincial public/private sector stakeholders and development partners to ensure a coordinated response on Hep C prevention and control services nationwide;
    4. Develop workplan for the Hep C PDU in consultation with stakeholders according to the national strategic framework and international commitments to eliminate Hepatitis C
    5. Develop policies/procedures to ensure workplan compliance for effectiveness and accountability;
    6. Build appropriate alliances in national and provincial health departments, international donor agencies, partners and civil society for effective advocacy campaigns for Hep C elimination;
    7. Develop training manuals, screening, diagnostic and treatment protocols and other Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials for multiple audiences;
    8. Train the program staff on the developed program protocols, guidelines and tools 
    9. Provide technical assistance and supervision to program and office staff in areas of expertise
    10. Ensure the evaluation of program performance, monitors program operations through on-site visits, review of reports and records
    11. Develop and implement effective communication strategies to disseminate public health information to community, health departments and other entities as needed
    12. Any other task assigned by the supervisor.

Job Specifications

Education: University degree with majors in Epidemiology, Medicine / FELTP / Public Health/Pharmacology/Allied Health Sciences or any relevant field

Related Work Experience:

  • Minimum 5-10 years’ work experience in the development sector in areas related to field epidemiology and disease surveillance;
  • Demonstrated experience of disease data sciences and management, analytics, statistics;
  • Knowledge of public health financing, procurement and supply chain management (forecasting, warehousing, distribution; transportation, logistics information systems and LMIS)
  • Ability to work on SPSS, STATA or related software will be an added advantage.
  • Any other task by the supervisor

Job requirements:

  • Proficiency in English;
  • Good report writing and analytical skills;
  • Individual having certifications in logistics data analytics on supply chain management will be preferred;


  1. Coordination with policy and program officials in public/private sector
  2. Development of Hep C Elimination and Treatment strategy
  3. Policy/program briefs

Period of Performance

The expected duration of the assignment is nine (09) months with LOE 180 days.


The consultant will report directly to the Country Director.