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Relevant Experience:

16 years of education & 5 years of experience

Job Description:

  • To embrace the agile software development methodology using SCRUM via 2-week development cycles, in which you work closely together with your colleagues to achieve the goal(s) the team has committed to.
  • Work with application developer to write and test database code such as stored procedures, data-oriented code within applications that interacts with their data sources, and even aid in mapping the application schema to the data schema.
  • Provide support for existing machine services and take a lead on the development of new services.
  • Perform database backup and archival on regular basis.
  • Design and develop new MIS patient and finance reports.
  • Provide backend support for print desk service, SMS service, Web reporting services, SMS and Email services.
  • Manage replication of all servers including main lab.
  • Design and development of new reports in Adhoc (BI) tool and provide support of existing reports.