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Relevant Experience:

 1) At least 10 years' experience in arranging company/unit retreats, leadership development sessions for both national and international organizations particularly the development sector organizations.

2) At least 16 year's education in management/social sciences; linguistics, gender, development studies and relevant discipline.
3) Proven experience of designing team-building and motivational activities that are interactive, experiential, with dynamic applications that align to the workplace


Job Description:


The PPAF unit retreat aims at refreshing team motivation, bonding as a team and taking stock of the activities/work during the past year along with soul-searching, celebration as well spending time on what future holds for the Team. 


The objectives of the retreat are:  

1. Ensure unified messaging and discuss NPGP Strategy.
2. Relive and reinforce values of PPAF
3. Further strengthen staff cohesion and team collaboration through interactive & engaging group exercises and simulations, combining fun with learning.
4. Focus on projection of our great work nationally and internationally and what can be role of each employee to be PPAF Ambassador.

Scope of Work:
To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the consultant is required to do the following.

• Prepare and implement event's activity plan
• Prepare training related info packs for NPGP staff.
Prepare and submit an extensive report highlighting the action plan and way forward emanating from the Retreat.


• Meetings with HR and GM -NPGP and SGH -Graduation.

• Preparation and sharing the events work plan with HR and GM -NPGP and SGH -Graduation.
• Understand NPGP program and its strategies.
• Submission of final report to NPGP highlighting the action plan and way forward emanating from the Retreat.

Target Audience


The target audience for the retreat is:

  • 25 to 30 staff




The NPGP Unit shall be the lead unit for the assignment. PPAF shall be responsible for:

  • Providing the consultant with all the required information about NPGP.
    • Arranging meetings between the NPGP senior management and the consultant
    • Arranging travelling, boarding and logistics for the consultant if required
    • Approving location for a two days-long event
      • Organizing all event arrangements including logistics, audio/visual, sound system, multi-media and seating arrangement
        • Ensuring that the work plan is timely shared by the consultant and is duly approved by the NPGP senior management

 Expected  Time Frame

 The activity is intended to be completed within a period of 12 weeks

  Expected Output

 Following is the description of services that PPAF expects from the consultant:

-Prepare and implement activity plan for 2-days event.

-Manage and lead the entire Retreat activity as per approval of the senior management.

-Plan and carry out team building exercises for the Retreat.

-Prepare info packs for Team NPGP.

-Submission of Report to PPAF in 4 weeks after the Retreat.