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Global trade has changed significantly creating unmatched market opportunities for businesses. Neighbors no longer rely on one source to meet its demand. With opening of the borders, consumers are now exposed to a wider range of foreign products than ever before and will continue with an increasing speed. Consumer decision making is now the most important element due to increase globalization

Pakistan and Afghanistan shared a long border and trading of products between two countries is natural. However, both countries are now facing the impact of globalization despite among each other’s top three trading partners. To meet market demands, consumer markets in Afghanistan are largely dependent to import products from its neighbors including Pakistan. Pakistan total exports to Afghanistan is approximately 5% of its exports and over the years, it is showing declining trends, whereas Afghanistan is exporting more than 30% of its products to Pakistan barring in 2019 when exports dropped to approximately 25%. Afghanistan is trying to diversify its markets due to development of infrastructure and changing geo-political situation whereas Pakistani businesses are not able to realign their business strategies and are losing their market share due to various factors. The market share of Pakistani products is decreasing for last many years.

PREIA aims to commission a study to test the following perceived factors determining Pakistan’s share in Afghanistan’s imports:
1. Traders’/Importers preference and Pakistan’s competitiveness vis a vis competing countries
2. Final Consumer’s preference and Pakistan’s competitiveness vis a vis competing countries
3. Import / export processes, rules and regulations affecting Pakistan’s competitiveness vis a vis other sources of imports

This study is expected to highlight policy, procedure, perceptions, marketing (product, price, packaging, promotion) factors important for competitiveness of Pakistani products in Afghanistan.

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