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Relevant Experience: 

  • University degree in law (preference will be given to the master’s degree holder in the field of law).
  • At least 15 years of overall experience and must possess strong experience of handling employment related litigation cases of renowned organizations.
  • Must have earned a good reputation as an employment attorney.
  • Must have membership of Islamabad Bar Council/Bar Association
  • Persons must have NTN certificate, and under the category of “FILER” of taxes.
  • He/she must be having an extensive proven experience with Government/ Corporate / Public Sector Entities.
  • Must have practicing license of Honorable Supreme Court and Islamabad High Court.

Job Description:



   Since its establishment PPAF has been engaged in multi donor national and international projects as well as with Government of Pakistan. The scope of PPAF’s activities is continuously being escalating with the passage of time. Consequently, the HR challenges to meet multiple donor requirements, external and internal stakeholders and employment matters of a diverse workforce are growing as well.

In view of the above, PPAF intends to hire the services of an Individual Legal Consultant to professionally guide in complying with the legal requirements / obligations and adhering to the requirements of labor laws of Pakistan and to deal with litigations, cases of terminations/layoffs and other related employee affairs. The consultant would enable HR to streamline and expedite important employment related legal matters effectively and efficiently and advise and suggest the organization in understanding the employer-employee conflict and its subsequent handling.




The objectives of this consultancy assignment are as follows:


  • Facilitate PPAF in seamless handling of ongoing legal issues related to employment (employer and employee Litigation).
  • Furnish advice and consultation to PPAF on legal matters as and when required.  
  • Represent PPAF in the courts for employment related court matters.
  • Guide PPAF on the legal standards set by the federal govt. and provide deep understanding of required procedural details.  
  • Guide and enable PPAF to understand the far-reaching implications of employment related litigation actions and the importance of adopting a proactive litigation strategy to avoid defeat and underlying liability claims


Scope of work


To successfully achieve the above objectives, completion of following tasks shall be expected from the consultant:

  • To apply his/her breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to advise PPAF on personnel policies and employment litigation cases.
  • To defend PPAF in variety of employment related affairs; employment litigation matters against the wrongful terminations; defamation; retaliation; negligent hiring or retention claims and employee relations in all court of laws.
  • To provide support and guidance to inquiry committee for dealing the issues related to Harassment of women at workplace under Protection against Harassment of Women at workplace Act 2010.
  • To regularly provide representation to PPAF in a variety of employment litigation matters before the Courts of Law including but not limited to Magistrate/Civil/ Labor Courts/Tribunals/Sessions/All High Courts of Pakistan/supreme Court of Pakistan.
  • To respond to PPAF requests promptly and update organization on regular basis regarding the trial hearing summary.
  • To give replies to the legal notices received by the client.
  • Advise, guide, draft and prepare all legally sound documents, communication related to employee relations / grievances / complaints as and when required by the organization.


Time Duration


Total time duration for the consultancy assignment shall be six (06) months.


Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesUniversity DegreeBachelors Degree (2-3 Years)PakistanUniversity degree in law (preference will be given to the master’s degree holder in the field of law).