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Scope of Work Summary:

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) seeks to strengthen regulatory oversight and management of the Province’s minerals in order to optimise development of current and new mines. In order to appropriately assess and address the regulatory gaps,  Pakistan Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) will be conducting a round table discussion with licence holders and other private sector stakeholders. Due to the current COVID restrictions, a virtual platform will be used, facilitated by experienced sector experts, to identify key issues. It is expected that these will include policy and regulatory bottlenecks and other industry impediments which hamper the private investment in mines and minerals sector of the province. Based on the issues identified, recommendations will be developed with a vision of near-term and longer-term actions that may be taken by appropriate stakeholders to improve sector operations.

For this purpose, the services of two mining industry experts (local and international) are sought to identify areas that are important to improved regulation of current investments and attracting new investments through a dedicated discussion with private sector. The local expert will be required to work with international expert.  Under this SOW, the following activities will be undertaken:

(i)         The consultants will prepare a short note to be discussed with private sector stakeholders hailing from KP, especially the Newly Merged Districts, including existing investors, potential investors, large enterprises , and SMEs.

(ii)        The consultants will prepare a power point presentation that summarizes the key points of the position paper and will facilitate the virtual discussion.

(iii)       Upon conclusion of the private sector discussion, the consultants will prepare a summary findings and based on key topics, prepare an “Options and Recommendations” paper for review and discussion with the KP Minerals Development Department.

(iv)       It is anticipated that the outcomes of the session will be used to conduct an awareness session with the KP Minerals Development Department (Department) to help enhance its technical, commercial and operational capacity to enable it to manage this sector efficiently and effectively. The Department’s existing ability to handle modern mining contracts and dispute resolution, minerals resource management and financial evaluations, and compliance with international mining codes is seriously constrained. This awareness session will be a useful step in building the capacity of the department for undertaking requisite steps for managing regulatory and exploratory work.

 1.     Position Title & Department:

Short Term Technical Experts - Business Enabling Environment Component. Minerals Sector Expert (Local)

 2.     General Summary:

Chemonics International is implementing Pakistan Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA), which is a 5-year, $35 million project that is aimed at improvement of financial and operating performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan in selected high-performing industrial, manufacturing and services sectors. Creating an enabling business environment is one of the objectives of SMEA. As such, the Project in its fourth year of implementation, engaged with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to identify key areas of collaboration.

The Mines and Minerals Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa seeks to strengthen regulatory operations and assessing opportunities to explore  minerals resources, especially in the Newly Merged Districts (NMDs). In order to secure appropriate exploration expertise and financing, a predictable regulatory environment including institutional capacity should be in place to facilitate national and international investment. The KP Minerals Policy envisions an internationally competitive, stable and conducive business climate to attract and sustain local and foreign investment for a steady increase in mineral production by lawful means. It also aims at formulating a fiscal and regulatory regime that ensures fair value for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while offering equitable rewards to private investors in minerals.

The dialogue with the public and private sector as laid out in this scope of work will help assess investor interest to develop minerals in KP. Through this consultancy SMEA would like to substantiate the policy objective from an investment promotion perspective and address the institutional gaps with the potential role of marketing minerals to be given to a separate entity, while regulatory and exploratory work to be handled by the Department. 

 3.     Objectives of the Consultancy:


To facilitate information exchange through a series of workshops and papers with emphasis on private sector investment interest in KP minerals and KP Department requirements to facilitate investments.


   4.     Principal duties and responsibilities 

  • Undertake desk research and conduct a short literature review
  • Meet with SMEA team to understand scope and vision of this consultancy
  • Work with KP Department liaison to structure workshops, ensure continuity of information
  • Work as a team and in close coordination with SMEA to complete the tasks detailed below and to conduct the roundtable discussion with private sector and an awareness session with the department.
  • Work with the international consultant to prepare an agenda and complete format (including session, sub-session types, discussant rooms, participants categorization etc.) of the virtual roundtable session to be conducted.
  • In partnership with SMEA and KP Department, identify key stakeholders to be consulted. 
  • Work with the international consultant to prepare power point presentation based on pre-roundtable consultations, to facilitate roundtable discussion.
  • Provide support to the international consultant to organize and chair the two virtual sessions
  • Provide inputs to the international consultant to develop content for an awareness workshop with Minerals Development Department based on the insights gathered from private sector. This will include agenda and power point presentation based on key summary findings and options and recommendations paper. This session will help advise the Department on the marketing and regulatory governance aspects of the sector (and other gaps as identified), based on international practices that are relevant in the context of Pakistan.
  • Work with SMEA team ,  representatives of the Minerals Development Department and other stakeholders including the KP Board of Investment and Trade for completion of tasks under for conducting the virtual online sessions.

 5. Specific Tasks of the consultants


(i) Assist the international expert in preparing a  a short position paper for promotion of investments in minerals sector and other relevant policy, regulatory and institutional gaps, to be discussed with private sector stakeholders hailing from KP, especially the newly merged districts, including but not limited to existing investors, potential investors, large enterprises, SMEs and government departments.

(ii) To conduct an online dialogue session to gather insights from private sector market players; a power point presentation will be used to facilitate discussion.

(iii) To prepare summary  key findings and in light of international best practices applicable to the context of KP, prepare an “options and recommendations” paper .

(iv)  Develop relevant content (presentation, handouts etc.) to conduct  an awareness workshop with the KP Minerals Development Department around the recommendations developed above to help optimize the Department’s institutional capacity to manage this sector efficiently and effectively. Given the current pandemic situation, in all likelihood a virtual platform will be used for this workshop. If permissible, the possibility of doing this physically may be explored.

6.  Job Qualifications


Person Specifications


Level of Effort

Mineral Sector Local Expert

  • Master’s degree in engineering with 7-10 years of experience in mines and minerals sector on the technical and operational side.
  • Experience of working in KP, with a deep knowledge of minerals resources and industry practices prevalent in KP.
  • Familiar with the regulatory, exploratory aspects and marketing of minerals in KP.
  • Previous experience of identifying key relevant stakeholders in the private sector, including investors, SMEs, large businesses and public sector stakeholders. 
  • Prior experience of conducting dialogue  with both public and private sector stakeholders is required.
  • Pushto language is an added advantage. 

15 days





7. Duty Station:

The consultant will be required to work with SMEA team based in Islamabad  


8. Workspace and Use of Personal Laptop and Software(s):

The consultants will be required to use his/her own personal laptop and must certify that all software used are genuine and licensed; to ensure that the project’s IT resources are protected from accidental destruction or deliberate attempts at sabotage by computer viruses and other hazards.



The consultants will be required to report to BEE Deputy Component Lead or her designee. He/she will be required to coordinate with BEE team during this assignment.

10. Duration of the Assignment:

This will be an effort of 40 days of LOE spread over a period of 2 months. The LOE proposed for local consultant is  15 days. This activity is planned to take place as per a start date of on or around January 05 , 2021 and end date of on/or around February 28,2021 (subject to date of mobilization of consultant).

11. Deliverables:

The timeline for the LOE assigned for each activity as mentioned in the following table will be discussed and agreed with the consultants. 



LOE days


Meeting with SMEA team to discuss the assignment and tasks involved.



Meet with relevant public sector stakeholders specially the minerals development department to understand their role in managing and promoting the sector.



Study the sector challenges and opportunities for enhanced private sector participation and investment promotion.



Develop a short note  with thematic areas for discussion pertaining to investment promotion, policy, regulatory and institutional gaps or other aspects as important for discussion with private sector.



Identification of stakeholders to be consulted and preparation of a list for the session.



Prepare a complete format of the virtual dialogue  to be conducted along with the presentation.



Discussion with SMEA team regarding the session to be conducted and the technical content to be covered.



Conduct the online discussion and develop options and recommendations paper for where the key issues identified in the session would be set out (usually 10 or less key issues) and then options and recommendations including international experience is given.




In light of above deliverables, develop workshop content in the format of a presentation for capacity building of Minerals Development Department and other key public sector stakeholders.



Finalization of presentation and technical content after feedback from SMEA.



Prepare and convene the awareness workshop (full day) with key public sector stakeholders including Mineral Development Department, KP Board of Investment and Trade, KP Economic Zone Managing Company.



Document the findings/ outcomes of both sessions in the form of a short summary.