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Development of three audio-visual training modules for Universal Salt Iodization program in Pakistan



Nutrition International (NI) is an Ottawa-based, international not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that the world's most vulnerable people, especially women and children in developing countries get the vitamins and minerals they need to survive and thrive. In Pakistan, NI is working with the national and provincial governments to ensure improved coverage and quality of health and nutrition programs. Iodine is one of the key micronutrients, required in a very minute quantity. Its deficiency results in wide array of preventable disorders collectively known as Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD). Edible salt fortified with iodine has been identified as an effective vehicle for delivery of iodine to the human body.

Since 2001, NI has been supporting the Government of Pakistan in achieving Universal Salt Iodization (USI), which includes building capacity of salt processors to produce adequately iodized salt, build capacity of government officials, food safety officers, and laboratory technicians. NI currently works with more than 1,350 salt processors across the country, besides working with Provincial Food Authorities and laboratory technicians of quality control laboratories established under the Department of Health, all over the country.

Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recurrent disruption and plant shutdowns/ lockdowns also provided an opportunity to improve the ongoing USI program to cope with the needs of the future. This situation directed us towards a new path of introducing use of technology throughout the program. NI has developed three training modules, viz. for salt processors; for food safety officers and for laboratory technicians. These modules need to be translated into the local language (Urdu), printed and further developed into e-training audio-visual modules to build capacity of stakeholders given the current situation where online trainings need to be conducted.

NI, therefore, seeks to hire an agency to translate the three training modules from English into Urdu and develop them into audio-visual e-modules.


  • Translate the three training modules (mentioned below) from English into Urdu;
  • Develop 3 high-quality audio visuals on below mentioned three training modules, along with voiceover (VO) in Urduwith English subtitles;
  • Training for salt processors;
  • Training for Food Safety Officers (FSOs);
  • Training for laboratory technicians;
  • Develop three promotional videos for each e-training AV module to be used for the promotion of these audio-visual training modules amongst stakeholders including salt processors.

Scope of Work:

The proposed activities are expected to be carried out under this assignment includes:

  • Translation: Translate all three English training modules into conceptual Urdu avoiding word by word translation and share with NI for feedback and incorporate feedback from NI, as required;
  • Desk Review: Undertake desk review of the existing English training modules to understand its context and concept;
  • Consultations: Based on the guidance from NI, outline the specific requirements of the audio-visual training module, conduct online consultative meetings with NI staff and field level extenders to understand the concept and requirement of the training modules;
  • Develop outline and script of each training module: Based on the observations from the desk review and inputs received from consultations, develop a draft blueprint of the assignment, including Urdu script, English subtitles, AV treatment plan and storyboard including the theme, audio and visual effects, shots list, and other required components for each training module separately. The draft outline should be shared with NI, for feedback and inputs.
  • Draft AV development: Post approval of the script and storyboard, the agency shall proceed to film in the pre-identified locations (different locations within Punjab) for each training. In case filming is not possible due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, culturally appropriate graphics and animation needs to be developed;
  • Feedback on first draft of AV: Share the first draft of the AV (with non-professional VO) with NI for necessary feedback;
  • Finalize AV training module: Incorporate necessary changes in the audio-visual training module based on the feedback received and share the final AV training module (with professional VO) in Urdu and subtitles in English with NI for approval;
  • Develop three short promotional video to be used for the promotion of these audio-visual training modules amongst stakeholders including salt processors. Each e-training module AV promotional video should not be longer than 30 seconds each;
  • All recordings to comply with child safeguarding norms and ethical guidelines. Written / video consent needs to be taken from all subjects or their guardians (in case minors are being filmed) before recording; NI will provide the consent form template to the selected agency;
  • All copyrights of the training modules, e-modules, promotional videos and the raw footage of the filming, will remain with NI, enabling NI to own, use and multiply copies at will;
  • Please note that all the interactions/ video recordings needs to be done following the Covid 19 safety guidelines as prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan.
  • The agency will have to submit the finalized high-resolution AVs, promotional videos and all raw footage of the assignment in a hard drive to NI.

The following need to be kept in mind while developing the AV:

  • Avoid any sentence, act, word etc. which is culturally inappropriate;
  • Avoid any resemblance with any living or dead known personality;
  • Avoid any statement in favour or against any political party or personality;
  • Avoid any statement, word or act in favour or against any religious sect;
  • Avoid any statement, word or act in favour or against any segment of population.

Target Audience:

The target audience includes salt processors and their production staff engaged in producing iodized salt for salt processors training module, Food Safety Officers of Food Authorities and their supervisors for the FSO training module and laboratory technicians and their assistants for the laboratory training module.


Duration of content: Final edited version of AV product for each training module should preferably be within 2 hours. And, each e-module AV promotional video should not be longer than 30 seconds each.


Language of the audio visual for all three Training Modules:

Urdu Voice Over with English subtitles

Logistics & Location for Shoot:

In coordination with NI, locations for all three shoots will be selected and agreed. All necessary permissions for use of selected locations will be arranged by NI while consultant firm will be responsible for arranging all required equipment, items, tools etc. for proper and professional shoot. All logistics will be arranged by the consulting firm, including its cost.

Role of NI:

  • NI will support the agency crew in selecting the field sites and connect them to the salt processors, food authorities and laboratory technicians for the video recording;
  • NI will support the agency crew in selecting the sites/ getting permission to undertake video recording at the quality control laboratories;
  • NI will review and approve the final script, storyboard, first draft and final AVs for all three training modules and the promotional videos;
  • NI will share the photography/videography consent forms which the agency crew will have get filled from anyone who is featuring in the video;
  • NI will share the English training modules with the agency for desk review and links of other similar AV trainings developed by NI in other countries for reference;

Final Deliverables:

  • Detailed work plan including travel plan, if applicable/ required;
  • One soft copy and one hard copy of each training module translation from English to Urdu;
  • Detailed outline of e-training AV development for each training module including the methodology, approach, script, storyboard of the AV;
  • A master copy/open file of each of the audio-visual training modules of full HD quality (1080p and/or above);
  • Short promotional audio visual (2 mins) for each training module in Urdu with English subtitles to be used for promotion on usage of audio video training module;
  • Final audio visual with Urdu VO, in external hard drive – both high- and low-resolution versions;
  • Compressed version of all the three training modules AVs for online viewing;
  • All raw footage and final script for all three training modules;
  • Submission of invoice along with financial report;
  • Declaration/ challan against the GST amount charged in the invoice;

Time Frame: 1st December 2020 to 28th February 2021.

Qualifications of the Agency:

  • Agency should have a good understanding of Urdu and English languages with prior experience in translating modules, reports etc. from English into Urdu for reputable organizations;
  • Agency should have demonstrated experience of producing similar audio visuals on products and processes for agencies of repute;
  • Agency should share samples of its previous work and brief profile of company and team members to be involved in the assignment along with application.
Deatailed ToR are alos attached for reference.