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Coordinator National Multi-stakeholder Forum on Goal 16 (Plus) TOR’s


Peace & Justice Network (PJN) is a national civil society network consisting of over 50 member and partner organizations registered with SECP under Section 42 working for Social Justice, Rule of Law and Good Governance for Peaceful, Just, Inclusive and Prosperous Pakistan with prime focus on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 Plus promotion and implementation.

In 2020, PJN has established National Multi-stakeholder Forum on Goal 16 (Plus) to facilitate open dialogue and knowledge sharing and provide technical support and resources in order to address Goal 16 implementation challenges including data gap, indicator reporting, sub indicator development, legislative and policy reforms and to help participating organizations coordinate their activities, increase synergies, minimize duplication, and ensure quality and effectiveness.

Current discourse on the SDGs in general, and Goal 16 in particular, is centered mostly around the challenge of developing stakeholder coordination and gathering and reporting data in a way that allows national and sub-national governments – as well as civil society and private sector – to monitor progress, course-correct for opportunities and pitfalls, and built and retain momentum.


Job Description:

Coordinator National Multi-stakeholder Forum on Goal 16 (Plus) will be responsible for overall management of the Forum in order to create a neutral and collaborative platform to bring together federal and provincial including AJK and GB Parliamentary SDGs Taskforce members, SDG 16 lead government agencies including P&D SDGs Units, international development partners, local organizations and technical experts working on promotion and implementation of “Goal 16+,” including especially Rule of Law, Human Rights Protection, Good Governance and Inclusive Societies, for the purpose of sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Specific responsibilities includes:

  • Coordinate with civil society organizations, government stakeholders and international development partners for the promotion and implementation of SDG 16 Plus Agenda. Build   strong   partnerships among   diverse   stakeholders and   leverage   support   for   the achievement of Pakistan SDG 16 2030 Agenda;
  • Managing PJN’s SDG 16 Knowledge HUB including online SDG 16 Discussion Forum.
  • Facilitate in organizing consultations, discussions, conferences, policy dialogues and seminars on issues falling in the scope of SDG 16 (Plus) framework with government, international development partners, civil society, private sector; contributions to development of policies as relevant;
  • Tracking progress of SDG 16 targets and indicators in collaboration with relevant stakeholders including government focal points. Incorporation of the SDG 16 targets and indicators in national SDGs framework.
  • Evaluating legislative, policy and administrative gaps and recommending actions for the implementation of Pakistan SDG 16 2030 Agenda
  • Coordinate and support the meetings of the Forum to develop SDG 16 Sub-indicator Framework and to subsequent progress monitoring of the plan. Support the creation of an action plan for roll out of the framework.
  • Collate and present information and data on SDG 16 targets and indicators. Conducting analysis for developing SDG 16 Progress Score Card.
  • Coordination with international agencies, experts and networks working on SDG 16 (Plus) to identify best practices, approaches, implementation frameworks and repots.
  • Facilitate in organizing capacity building sessions of civil society organizations, university students and government officials on SDG 16 targets and indicators.
  • Preparing progress reports for monthly review meetings and presenting progress in progress review meetings. Be responsible for the delivery of the project results and reporting of the same.
  • Ensure strong projection and visibility of the activities performed under National Multi-stakeholder Forum on SDG 16 (Plus) and continuous update to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Sound contributions to knowledge management and identification and documentation of best practices and lessons learned.
  • Represent Peace & Justice Network at national and international Forums, discussions and meetings on SDG 16.
  • Any other related task assigned


Qualifications and Job Requirements:

  • Advanced degree in the field of public policy, social work and law.
  • At least 3 years of experience with strategy development, policy support, monitoring and evaluation, technical operations in areas of human rights, rule of law, and governance.
  • Proven capacity to coordinate inter-ministerial coordination and cooperation and sharing of information between government agencies, and the private and NGO sectors.
  • Strong capability to analyze policies, regulatory frameworks, barriers and the like, related to sectoral sustainable development human rights approaches.
  • Familiarity with the United Nation 2030 development agenda would be an asset.
  • Excellent writing, analytical and communications skills demonstrated by a list of publications/presentations.