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Job Purpose: Security & Liaison Officer will be responsible to manages all the security management matters of the mission according to Organization’s standards, procedures and protocols. He/She will work under the direct supervision of Country head of the mission and in close collaboration with Logistic Coordinator and Project Managers / Coordinators.

Main Responsibilities:

Security management

-Establishes and maintains the overall security & liaison management of the mission.

-Establish and maintain the tracking and follow-up mechanism for mission and project related authorization.

-Reviews and improves the existing mechanism to provide robust response/information/analysis about the security environment of the country and particularly related to Organization’s areas of operations on regular basis. Develops SOPs and validation procedures.

-Establishes real-time system to generate alerts to sensitize the relevant Organization’s office/base/field of any security incidents or threats that may have direct or indirect impact on staff safety and/or Organization’s affairs. Similarly produces and maintains the reports, to document for further actions.

-Creates implements and follows up of security management tool: security trees, mapping, etc.

-Briefs new arrivals in the field on matters of security and about cultural and social customs.

-Identifies security training needs for staff and leads such training courses.

-Ensures the respect of safety precautions and regulations.

-Ensures close coordination with the logistics department: intervention in case of incident, check of the security standards, communication and transportation means.

-Ensures tracking of Organization’s staff traveling across bases or to the project areas

-Requests to medical team any information that might affect the team safety or ORGANIZATION’S acceptance in the area of intervention (i.e. community resistance for family planning, vaccination, handling GBV cases, etc.)

-Ensures an extended support to conduct relevant assessment if the needs arise. Participates in exploratory missions and project openings when such occurs.

Liaison with Authorities and Humanitarian Actors

-Develops & maintains liaison with concern departments and authorities to have latest information about their policies/procedures/protocols and requirements concerning I/NGOs.

-Develops a reliable network to extend the information sources: in support to the PMs and Coordinators, develops contacts with national partners on a zonal level (civil society, civil and military authorities, local NGOs, Ministry of Health representatives, etc.) in order to obtain all the information and agreements necessary for the integration of organization’s programs in the local context.

-Keeps informed the country head of the organization of any information concerning changes in the procedures and/or the legal context frame.

-Liaises with and exchange information with other aid organisations and with the authorities.

-Participates in humanitarian security meetings.


-Red acts daily/weekly press/media review on the security situation

-Ensures capitalization of all the documents related to the security management

-Delivers monthly report and security follow up.

-Maintains and analyses incident reporting system

- Notifies the Country head of the organization immediately of any incident affecting Organization’s and of any significant event with a potential impact on the organisation.

Education and Experience

-Graduation/Master degree in Political science, International relations, or related fields

-Minimum 2 to 5 years of relevant experience

-Experience of working with international organizations, multi-cultural teams

-Knowledge of line departments and related authorities

-Advanced English, Urdu

-Use of computer software (Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook)

Skills required

· Adherence to Organization’s and Humanitarian Values

·Security management skills

·Demonstrated communication, reporting skills


·Ability to work in a team / strong interpersonal skills

·Willingness and ability to work in unstable contexts

·Analytical skills

·Flexibility, and ability to work under pressure and in multicultural environments

·Ability to work independently and to be proactive

· Ability to identify needs and priorities and respond accordingly


HOW TO APPLY? Please submit Cv along with Motivational Letter latest by [21 October,2020].

The selection is on rolling basis, only individuals who meet above listed requirements are invited to apply for above mentioned position.

Organization reserves the right to cancel the job posting at any time without any intimation or reason. Organization doesn’t allow or accept the candidate having multiple employments at the same time.