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1 year contractual position

Relevant Experience:

 Qualification: Bachelor’s in a relevant field, especially in statistics, data management, etc.


Experience: 1-2 years of experience especially in developing systems for data collection, design of data tools, management and analysis of data.

Ability and Traits: A dynamic, dedicated, and hard-working individual with the ability to innovate and problem solve. Strengths in building relationships and working in teams to deliver consistently. Strong skills in data collection, cleaning, validation, analysis and reporting including the use of key programs such as MS Excel and any statistical software.

Job Description:

Detailed Position Responsibilities:

  • Design and implementation of data collection tools and data flows to support public health programs.
  • Design and implementation of data reporting to support various levels of supervisors and managers in monitoring progress and improving program outcomes
  • To set clear objectives and targets for data teams in the field to ensure that accurate data is collected and reported regularly
  • To ensure that health providers and regional staff are part of the design of data tools, and oriented on data systems so that they can be partners in the roll out of data systems.
  • To set in place processes for accountability of field teams in supporting data collection and management.
  • To ensure high quality, timely, and impact-oriented reporting to internal and external stakeholders
  • To establish team work with other departments within the organization to ensure that project targets can be met jointly
  • To establish key research components within each project to develop a culture of learning and translate knowledge gained into evidence-based programming
  • To develop mechanisms for excellent data collection, management and analysis to support research, innovation, and learning

Position requirements:

  • Regular travel to project sites
  • Excellent data management and analysis skills and experience