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Owing to the limitations and challenges emerging due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICRC stands in need of converting the de-escalation of violence (Managing violence in healthcare settings) training into an online-delivered video training.  For this purpose, the ICRC requires the services of a Medical Educationist with extensive experience in developing and delivering face-to-face and online medical education content for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and all cadres of healthcare workers and professionals.

The Medical Educationist will work on converting the training into an online-based video training (with the support of an ICRC recruited production company). This training shall be accessible to everyone who wants to go through it online.


  • 10 years of working experience in the field of medical education
  • Experience in designing curriculum on managing and de-escalating aggression and violence in healthcare settings would be preferred. 

Duration of consultancy

  •  Three months


  Medical Educationist should be based in either Karachi/Peshawar or Islamabad. Therefore,  people from these cities can apply only.


  • Review the content of the “De-escalating and Managing Violence in Health Care Settings” training (available at ), identify aspects for development of online content for maximum engagement of the learner with the online course.
  • Develop the overall design for the online course.
  • Discuss the modified plan (as described in point 1 and 2 above) with a team of module facilitators.
  • Support the team of facilitators to convert the course content for online delivery with voice over, questions, script for the role plays and facilitators talk, resources, (pre/post) test and the resources.
  • To identify, recruit and work with an instructional designer to convert the material for online delivery.
  • Supervise, review and edit the modified online content.
  • Train the actors for the role plays.
  • Oversee the recording of role plays, review and edit the videos.
  • Guide the instructional designer in embedding the content and material in the course.
  • Review and edit the final course content for online delivery.
  • Submit the course to ICRC for review.
  • Revise and finalize based on comments received 

Note:  Medical Educationist will be paid a lumpsum fee according to terms and conditions laid down in contract. He/She shall recruit instructional designer to support him/her in this task. Hiring and fee of instructional designer shall be managed by Medical Educationist.