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The Technical Expert (Transport) will be responsible for the following relevant tasks:

  • Provide strategic direction and tactical vision for the initiatives to be taken by the technical services department.
  • Plan, design, and execute EE technical programs in transport sector i.e. shifting towards more clean, efficient and sustainable fuels, mechanism for vehicle tunings and energy efficient transport systems.
  • Set measurable goals; develop prioritized work plans for new program/project initiatives in accordance with charter of duties for the Authority.
  • Ensure a strict compliance with core provisions in transport sector.
  • Capacity building and professional support to other departments wherever and when necessary
  • Develop Sector Specific Energy Efficiency Specific Strategic Plan / Business Plan related to transport sector.
  • Contribute in effective implementation of work plans. Monitor and evaluate the in-house as well as the outsourced activities to ensure contractors compliance with project plans and specifications.
  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the execution of activities/projects.
  • Provide technical input in developing action plans for the transport sector.
  • Developing capacity building programs and awareness campaigns for consumers to promote energy efficient & conservation in transport sector.
  • Develop content for training program to be conducted for vehicle technicians and focusing on energy efficiency attributes.
  • Support implementation of National Scheme for Enlistment of Vehicles Tuning Workshops.
  • Create linkages and interface with multinational donors for technical assistance programs and to promote energy efficiency investment in transport sector.
  • Assist in developing PC-1, Concept Notes and Feasibility Studies for the EE&C initiatives in transport sector.
  • Assist and develop programs for effective implementation of the EV policy by engaging all relevant stakeholder