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 Right To Play International is a global non-governmental organization that uses the transformative power of play to protect, educate, and empower children and youth facing adversity. The organization helps one million children weekly in more than 20 countries build essential life skills and better futures while driving lasting social change. The organization is registered with the Government of Pakistan and has implemented numerous projects in over 20 districts in KP, Sindh & Islamabad since 2008. In Pakistan, Right To Play has reached over 400,000 children and youth.


 Right To Play Pakistan is seeking the services of a consultancy firm/individual specializing in educational video production for the duration of 3 months.


  • This consultancy requires the video producer to adapt and then develop video content based on Right To Play's Positive Child and Youth Development (PCYD) activities/games that are played in-person. The physical play-based activities have specific key learnings that focus on developing fundamental movement skills (FMS) i.e. catching, throwing, kicking, etc. and life skills i.e. cooperation, communication, etc.  Each physical play activity is structured as a lesson plan with clearly laid out steps including an opening discussion, warm up, game, cool down, and a closing discussion.
  • The purpose of these videos is to educate children about the importance of physical education as well as how to stay physically active to maintain their health and wellbeing in a fun and interesting way. Through participation in play-based physical activities and local games children will be taught fundamental movement skills, life skills and necessary concepts for staying fit.
  • The videos produced will feature the structured physical play activities in a series of episodes for a television distance learning program. There will be a series of 24 episodes and the duration of each episode may be of 10 minutes.
  •  The videos developed are intended for broadcast not only on television but at multiple communication platforms.
  • The intended audiences are children from urban and rural backgrounds all over Pakistan.


The consultant is expected to carry out the following services in the process of producing videos:

  • Conceptualize the play-based activities and present some creative ideas for the production of videos.
  • Develop a production schedule and deadlines.
  • Develop the concept, scripts, and storyboards for the videos.
  • Work independently, as well as part of a team, and hold regular meetings with the Right To Play technical team to discuss and review the developed content. The consultant is required to work closely with the Right To Play technical team during the process of completion of the assignment.
  • Shoot inside the studio or outside or in both settings.
  • Editing and revisions and final retouching of the videos after feedback.


The video feature(s) should:

  • Communicate the information in the Urdu language in an interactive, interesting, and visually appealing manner to engage the broadest range of viewers (urban and rural children).
  • Use a format with a facilitator and a group of children (The facilitator and group of children will be identified and provided by Right To Play).
  • Include images, infographics, and music if needed.
  • Be of the highest television broadcast-quality (HD, MP4).
  • Be compressible and reproducible (copy, replicate) without sacrificing quality.
  • Possess multiple communication platform capabilities: Television, YouTube, webpage, etc.
  • Follow the principles of inclusion, be gender-sensitive and culturally appropriate.
  • Include the sign language.


 Interested firm/individual:

  • Has proven experience (3-5 years) in developing high quality media content including educational videos (preferably for television) in different languages.
  • Has a team of technical /professional experts in developing educational videos for multiple communication platforms.
  • Owns a studio, digital graphic, editing, and indoor and outdoor recording facilities and equipment. Is able to manage all necessary tools and equipment required for the whole production process.
  • Has the ability to manage tight deadlines.
  • Is willing to work with the Right To Play team remotely given the Covid-19 scenario.
  • Must have a set up in Islamabad as all the work for video production will be held in Islamabad.


Interested firm/individual shall send the quotation/proposal providing following information at the given address:

  • A brief introduction, the methodology for undertaking the video production, as well as, the detailed work plan showing the assignment’s important activities.
  • Detailed quotation for the production of the video showing all necessary costs.
  •  Contact details of three past performance references.
  • Updated profile and portfolio including relevant creative development work and qualifications.
  • Sample video developed and for whom, to be shared on DVD or mentioning the online link for download.
  • Quotations from only GST registered firms/individuals will be considered.

 Note: Sample of play-based learning activities can be acquired from following link: