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Relevant Experience:

 The consultant should have minimum of 15 years of relevant professional experience, including several years in an advisory role in policy formulation and implementation with academia or Government or other development agencies. Experience in macroeconomic policy and management and advanced quantitative analysis will be preferred.

Job Description:

  1. Prepare comprehensive methodology, in close conjunction with NPGP and Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) Units, including literature review on nationwide macroeconomic shifts.
  2. Determine and analyse impacts of macroeconomic shifts on costs of basic needs of target HHs. 
  3. Determine and analyse impacts of macroeconomic shifts on NPGP HHs’ socioeconomic wellbeing and financial inclusion at the microeconomic level in terms of their access to earning opportunities, wages, patterns of spending on HH goods and services, poverty dynamics, and income disparity, among others.
  4. Determine and analyse how these macroeconomic shifts impact urban and rural HHs and communities differently.
  5. Create econometric model(s) to serve as predictors of macroeconomic shifts, of their impacts on microeconomy of target HHs, and of grassroots impacts on the demand and efficacy of NPGP interventions.
  6. Explore impacts of macroeconomic shifts on various gender dynamics and on wellbeing of women at target HH levels.
  7. Explore impacts of macroeconomic shifts on various youth employability dynamics, including their skillsets, market demand for those skills, and youth’s ability to respond to this demand, among others.
  8. Project potential policy and programmatic changes by Government of Pakistan, which may be conducive to such macroeconomic shifts which can optimize NPGP’s sustainable poverty graduation impact.



  1. Inception report with detailed methodology, research tools, and field work plan, if required.
  2. Draft study report (containing data modelling and write-up analysis) and policy briefs for review of concerned units for feedback.
  3. Final study report and policy briefs with incorporation of feedback to ensure compliance with donor requirement. 


4 Months

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesM Phil/Phd EconomicsPostDoctoratePakistanMPhil/PhD. in Economics or equivalent

Must Title Level Description
YesQuantitative Analysis Skills Excellent  advanced quantitative analysis