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Terms of Reference: Development of 3 Training Modules under the project ‘Engaging Men and Boys to Accelerate Efforts to end GBV in Pakistan’



                                                       i.            Adapted module on ‘Journeys of Transformation’

                                                     ii.            Contextualized training module on ‘Advocacy’

                                                  iii.            A manual on ‘women's protection nexus with women's empowerment’



Shirakat – Partnership for Development, a non-governmental organization working on gender equality and social justice would like to hire consultant/s or firm for development of modules on:

  1. Develop an adapted Module on ‘Journeys of Transformation’
  2. Develop a contextualized training module on ‘Advocacy’
  3. Develop a manual on ‘women's protection nexus with women's empowerment’


The deliverables (2 separate modules and 1 manual) will contribute towards the results of a project implemented by Shirakat “Engaging Men and Boys to Accelerate Efforts to end GBV in Pakistan” in Islamabad and Sindh. The project plans to address the issue of GBV through gender transformative approach by empowering women and girls and ensuring responsible and accountable engagement of men and boys.


The project aims at a positive behavioral and attitudinal change in society through engaging men and boys for ending gender based violence.


Shirakat hosts secretariat of MenEngage Alliance Pakistan (MEAP) and MenEngage Alliance South Asia (MEASA) region. Its work on “men and masculinities” grounds in the full understanding of transforming masculinities and engaging boys and men within the purview of realizing women’s and girls’ empowerment, rights and gender justice for all. Shirakat sees this work as an added value to the joint struggle to end patriarchy, within the broader agenda of advancing people’s health and well-being, human rights and social justice.


Shirakat plans to use the developed modules in capacity building of community members, field staff, government staff (social welfare and police), MEAP alliance members and other CSOs. 

Objectives of the consultancy

The assignment will contribute to overall result of crating enabling environment at sub national, national, regional and international level for sustainable programmatic approaches aimed at GBV prevention by engaging boys and men.


One of the core areas of the project is to integrate responsible and accountable engagement of men and boys to prevent harassment and GBV in the world of work, home and communities. All of the modules are expected to build on this premise and develop materials accordingly.  Further guides on the content is as flows;

First module on “Journeys of Transformation” is intended to:

        i.            build knowledge and skills in men to strengthen their role as allies to achieve gender equality.

     ii.             provide necessary grounds to augment the need to engage boys and men to women empowerment and addressing GBV

   iii.            provide material necessary to enhance skills in men and boys to transform their harmful attitudes towards women, girls, boys and themselves.

  1. collate necessary readings and materials that contribute in better understanding of the issue for community members and institutional staff members.


Second module on “Contextualized training module on ‘Advocacy” will aim to:


  1. provide adequate knowledge on different advocacy methods contextualized for Pakistan
  2. elaborate processes to conduct evidence based advocacy through different forums/ means/ platforms  
  3. provide knowledge on campaigning and effective lobbying in context of Pakistan with regards to GVB
  4. provide guidance on advocacy using Gender Transformative Approach



Third module on ‘women's protection nexus with women's empowerment’ will cover;


  1. women and girls’ protection and safeguarding guidelines for organizations and institutions
  2. provide knowledge on women empowerment through economic justice
  3. guides on linkages between women protection and empowerment
  4. role of men and boys to achieve gender justice



Considering above mentioned guides, Shirakat envisages practical modules to be used for capacity building of community members, field staff, government staff (social welfare and police) and MEAP alliance members.

Shirakat, therefore, invites proposals from the reputed and experienced experts/firms for development of the training modules. It will be preferred to assign the task of all the modules to one consultant/team of consultants/firm in order to ensure the uniformity, standardized expression and internal cohesion of the content.


Main tasks for this assignment

  • Content development/ materials development.
  • Attend one preparatory meeting/Skype to gain an understanding of the subject.
  • Propose a draft outline of the content of the training module with the various modules, based on the TORs.
  • Design a draft and final version of the step-by step training modules detailing the training objectives, content, methodologies, timing and tools to be used per module.


The final Training modules must:

  • Present and explain all the aspects and processes of the various topics that are relevant and important.
  • Define and explain key concepts relating to the various topics in a simple and practical manner,
  • Provide relevant tools and instruments to be used for the various activities under each topic.
  • Module should be written in an interactive and inspiring manner so as to encourage reflection; learning culture and inclusion (e.g. include discussion questions at the end of each module).


It is important to emphasize that the appropriate approach and content will be chosen by the consultant. The parameters outlined in the TOR should be taken as indicative basic guide. It is expected that the elaboration of a detailed content of the training module will be done in close cooperation with Shirakat. The modules must be written in English language. The consultant is responsible for proofreading, final formatting, editing and content layout of all the written deliverables.

Expected Outputs

  • Literature review summary
  • Module on “Journeys of Transformation” should not exceed 70 pages (including annexes and reading materials)
  • Module on “Advocacy” should not exceed 50 pages including all related readings and facilitator notes.
  • Manual on “women's protection nexus with women's empowerment” should not exceed 70 pages.
  • Information generated in hard and soft format will be submitted to Shirakat


Selection Criteria

The consultant should meet the following minimum selection criteria:

  • Good understanding and knowledge of women’ situation in Pakistan
  • Familiarity with the history of the struggle for women’s rights in Pakistan
  • Proven experience of working with men and boys to end GBV,
  • Excellent understanding of masculinities and transformative approaches.  
  • Proven experience of working with government line departments such as Police and Social welfare.
  • Ability to communicate and write clearly in English and Urdu language
  • High degree of independence, flexibility and ability to meet strict deadlines.
  • Excellent formatting and software skills
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.

Time Plan

The consultant’s work on modules development will take place over a period of one and half months, beginning April 3rd, 2020. A total of 28 working days will be required from the consultant, as outlined below:

Consultant Activity

Approximate timeline

Number of Days


Literature review (for 3 modules)

April 2020


Home based

Draft training modules

April 2020


Home based

Finalized training modules

April-May 2020


Home based






The consultant will work under the overall supervision of the Programme Manager Shirakat and ED Shirakat.