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Secours Islamique France (SIF) founded in 1991 is an international Non Governmental solidarity Organization acting in the fields of humanitarian and development aid, in France and worldwide. Working in the field for over 20 years, Secours Islamique France is now active in more than twenty countries, mainly in three sectors: water and sanitation, food security, and childhood. Teams of employees and volunteers working for Secours Islamique France also play an active role in France, fighting against exclusion and insecurity by various means. Alongside its operational aid activities, Secours Islamique France has developed an ability to advocate in order to bear witness and to alert the international community about the living conditions of the most vulnerable. SIF is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor in France and around the world, while respecting cultural diversity without making any distinction based on origins, political affiliations, gender or beliefs, and without expecting anything in return. It intervenes where humanitarian and social needs require emergency mobilization of relief efforts as well as the implementation of development programs and advocacy actions. SIF is present in Pakistan since 2010 and currently working in three districts (Tharparkar in Sindh, Peshawar & FATA in KP and Islamabad/Rawalpindi in Punjab).

Ongoing Projects:

1.       Child Wellbeing Projects

2.       Orphan Sponsorship Program

3.       SEASONProject (KP-Peshawar & Sindh-Tharparkar, FATA-Orakzai).

4.       IDEA (Orakzai)

5.       Resilience: Tharparkar


Scope of work/ Work Assignment:

Strategy & access management

  • Propose and develop a strategy of security management with adequate resources and assets
  • Monitor humanitarian access issues and proposes approaches to local contexts specificities
  • Provide technical inputs and advices in assessments of new operational areas

Risk management and risk analysis

  • Identify and monitors threats, assess SIF vulnerabilities and recommend adequate measures in terms of mitigation and risks reduction
  • Conduct risk assessments, data collect and analysis
  • Propose plan for a high level of preparedness vis-a-vis identified risks
  • Performs specific security assessments

Safety and security management framework

  • Develop the general security policy based on the assessment
  • Update the security plans and tools for the mission
  • Develop technical policies, procedures, guidelines staff safety, operational security and program continuity
  • Develop the hibernation and evacuation plans for all SIF offices and residences.

Incidents management

  • Develop policy and strategy for incident reporting.

Context monitoring & Reporting

  • Develop Security Report Formats for SIF events.

Coordination and networking

  • Define and link/Associate a security network of key contacts (internal, external, formal, informal)
  • Link SIF Staff to a regular security updates portal (email, text/whatsapp messages)

Personnel Security/Safety:

  • Provide appropriate security orientations/training to all employees/personnel.
  • Develop Security Guidelines/Protocols for SIF

Physical Security/Facility Protection:

  • Assess and recommend security upgrades for SIF i.e.  Security devices, alarms, access systems and physical barriers as appropriate.
  • Assess and develop emergency evacuation plans for SIF Offices and recommend effectiveness process of evacuation plan.
  • Conduct Training of all security personnel’s (i.e., security guards) as per the developed safety and security plan.

Security Protocols Implementation

  • Develop project travel protocols
  • Develop specific protocol/advisory for Security guards and Driversin relevance to safety and security of the staff.
  • Suggest tools for effective implementation of Security Plan and protocols.



Payment will be done after submission of all required Documents in hard copy i.e.

  • Risk Assessment Report
  • Security Plan
  • Security and Safety Manual specific to SIF after risk assessment of Organization and projects
  • Linking of SIF staff to an effective security updates portal (Email/ text/whatsapp updates)
  • Training of SIF Staff on security guidelines
  • Training of Security Guards and Drivers in security perspective.