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Relevant Experience:


  • University degree in Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment or related-field; 

  • At least fifteen years of working experience in the rural and environmental sector, preferably in public private partnership, with strong community participation; project/program management and administration, projects evaluations for selection, governance, agriculture, environment, or similar;  

  • Working experience in Olive crop production and Olive value chain. 

  • Working experience in international projects/programs in development, preferably in two or more countries and regional spaces, including financing from Italian Government;  

  • Working experience in rural development programs/projects implementation in Pakistan;

Job Description:

Consultancy Objectives and Scope:

 The proposed consultancy objective and scope will embrace following topics:

a. PPR Sustainability strategy by devising ways and means to enhance the adoption of practices introduced or improved by the communities through the Natural Resource Strategy elaborated by PPR on the course of the activities. The Expertise will also be instrumental in improving the integration and coordination between government development plans and the sub-projects financed by PPR, a critical aspect highlighted by the World Bank during the Implementation Support Mission of May 2019. In this respect, the Italian expertise will also contribute to better comprehend the importance of the links between the different levels of governance.  This activity may also enhance the contribution of PPAF to policies at federal and provincial level towards poverty alleviation.

 b. Harmonisation, rationalization and streamlining of PPR activities, connections and visibility initiatives, aimed at full complementarities and integration among the set of actions (ex: organisations to turn into small cooperatives) and regarding both Components. In particular, the expertise will assist on the establishment of three (3) olive processing plants, to be procured from Italy, and which will represent for many farmers of the selected areas that have undertaken the cultivation of olive crop, or who will do it in near future, within or outside PPR, the expected tools that will ensure valorization of the produce. The Consultant will also provide adequate support for ensuring the consistency of the entire value chain of the olive developed until now under the programme and provide advice for its future expansion, in close synergy with other Italian-promoted sister initiatives on oliveculture and intangible heritage. 

c. Monitoring of the activity “Youth Communicators for Community Self-Development”, to be implemented under the Updated 3rd Work Plan of the Tied Component. It consists of a pilot initiative, in which an Italian academic structure will involve Pakistani and Italian learning institutions committed to territorial development - and possibly foundations from both countries - to mobilize youth groups to: a) be trained on development communication and on surveying, collecting and monitoring social and development data, b) carry on field visits, c) hold workshops to organize their own and PPAF’s communication products, d) conveying back to the field and/or broadcast e) benefit from guidelines and a specific framework for the new profession.  The ultimate scope is the creation of innovative jobs in the private and public sector and that such youth groups may then also be involved in federal and provincial policy planning processes, structures and activities for positive impact on rural communities contributing to the institutionalization of technical human capital in local governance structures.  

d. Liaison, interaction and involvement with AICS Office in Islamabad to enhance synergies with the other Italian initiatives under a common strategy of poverty reduction by engaging communities in territorial development through its main assets: agriculture, culture, nature. This collaboration will benefit PPAF through the sharing of experiences, networking and vision.    

 e. Liaison with the World Bank, to ensure appropriate participation of Italian side in preparing and conducting the Implementation Supervision Missions and preparing the Final Evaluation.   

Approach and Deliverables:

 The Consultant would: 

  1. review the documents, files, reports, agreements with Partner Organizations, and any other material deemed necessary;

  2. have meetings, discussions and work closely with PPR team, PPAF management, units and staff members;

  3. hold meetings and discussion with the Partner Organizations, Community Organizations, Federal and Local Authorities, and other Stakeholders;

  4. travel to the field as required

  5. provide supervisory inputs for other PPR consultancies, whenever relevant.

  6. liaise as advisable with AICS and World Bank.  

The Consultant will be responsible for producing the deliverables for the above-mentioned objectives in accordance with the Contract that will be signed in due time.  


Duration of Consultancy:


The assignment is of nine months duration to be calendared, at the time of the stipulation of the contract, within a period of thirteen months, expected to be started in December 2019.


Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
YesUniversity DegreeMasters DegreeItaly• University degree in Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment or related-field;

Must Title Level Description
YesCommunication Excellent  Excellent Fluency in English both written and speaking is required