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Project Coordinator for Livestock Association



USAID Punjab Enabling Environment Project’s (PEEP) grant to Mundri Sheep Breeders Welfare Society

1.       Scope of Work Summary:

The Project Coordinator will be hired for accomplishment of project activities and coordination pertaining to the implementation of grant issued to the Mundri Sheep Breeders Welfare society DG Khan. The Project Coordinator will be supervised by the Chairman of Mundri Sheep breeders Welfare Society.

2.       Background:

USAID’s Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP) is a seven-year effort to improve the enabling environment for the agriculture sector in Punjab through promoting private sector-led growth by focusing on the horticulture, livestock and dairy sub-sectors.

PEEP is supporting Government of Punjab, Livestock and Dairy Development Department, in the implementation of animal breed improvement reforms. USAID PEEP is supporting the livestock associations in the implementation of Punjab Livestock breeding Act,2014, wherein the livestock breeders’ associations are mandated for the preparation of the herdbook and recording of the pedigree and performance of the animal.

3.       Principal Duties, Responsibilities and Specific Tasks of the Consultant:

Under the overall guidance of PEEP, the Project Coordinator will perform the following functions:

  • Be responsible for all the field activities as required under the grant agreement.
  • Coordinate with USAID-PEEP on written comprehensive monthly, quarterly, completion reports and event information sharing.
  • Work for the registration of Mundri sheep breeders in the areas of grant operation.
  • Organize the trainings of Breeders and marketing activities.
  • Monitor and supervise the pedigree and performance recording by breeders.
  • Collect, verify and Re-verify the data for the herd book.
  • Prepare complete and submit the herd book and the breeder’s registration record.

4.       Deliverables:

The Project Coordinator shall submit the following deliverables to USAID PEEP:

1.      Grant Implementation Plan

2.      Written report on registration and capacity of the breeders and association.

3.      Written report on trainings and marketing accomplished through grant. 

4.      Grant completion report

5.      Preparation and report on the herd book.

6.      Any other specific report required by PEEP

5.       Job Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in veterinary sciences/ animal husbandry from a recognized university. Masters or higher academic qualification, will be preferred
  2. At least one year of professional experience of veterinary sciences or animal husbandry.  
  3. Strong presentation, analytical and writing skills, and experience of presenting technical information in a comprehensible way.
  4. Good communication skills and fluency in English, Urdu and local language

6.       Duty Station:

Mundri Sheep Breeders Welfare Society – Directorate of Livestock D.G. Khan Division, Jail Rd, Dera Ghazi Khan

7.       Reporting:

The Project Coordinator will report to Chairman of Society.

8.       Duration of the Assignment:

This assignment is for 08 months.

9.       Deadline to Apply:

December 04,2019