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Expression of Interest for Translation of Documents from English to Urdu

CBM would like to invite Expression of interest for translation of the following documents:

  1. Disability and Gender Analysis toolkit (40 pages)
  2. Accountability tool (20 pages) - this is the field testing version and may require some adjustments once it is finalised
  3. Accessibility Policy (20 pages)
  4. Accessibility Policy companion guide (estimated at 100 pages)

Translation must be fluent, easily understandable and accurate. It may not be literal word by word translation, but should convey the meaning clearly and should be sensitive to the people with disability and the language used for various concepts.

Timeline and Deliverable:

Translation should be completed in one-month time.

The draft version shall be submitted to CBM in hard copy for feedback. 

The final product should be submitted to CBM in Urdu typed version in soft and hard copy.