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The USAID-funded Sindh Community Mobilization Program (CMP) supports the Government of Sindh (GOS) in Pakistan, including its School Education and Literacy Department (SELD) and Program Management and Implementation Unit (PMIU), by providing technical assistance, capacity building and related resources necessary to implement localized community mobilization methodologies, to maximize stakeholder participation and to facilitate demand-driven, gender-sensitive, and child-centered interventions that increase girls’ enrollment and engage the private sector in school management. The Procurement and Admin officer manages different type of Procurements, Administration and Logistics under the supervision of the Sr. Manager Operations. He/She will be responsible for day to day Procurement, Evaluate bids proposals, Market search, arranging meeting with suppliers while closely working under the guidance of Sr. Manager Operations. He will be assisting the supervisor for all information such PO/Contracts and generating Purchases report of projects on weekly basis and procurements (payables accounting management). Day to day administration tasks as required by the operations team in support to Karachi, field offices and field staff members.

Specific Job Description:


  • Procurement activities for the CMP Project and seek input from the relevant technical team members.  
  • Develop and update a portfolio of vendors to identify well reputed vendors.
  • Ensure the integrity of the procurement processes of all goods and services required for Karachi and field offices;
  • Prepares bid lists, evaluate bids and proposals, places purchase orders and negotiates contracts
  • Prepares purchase (contract) orders for conformity to company policy and applicable contracts.
  • Maintains a comprehensive record-keeping and monitoring system for all procurement transactions.
  • Keep accurate accounts of all procurement processes and ensure that all procurement is carried out following the Blumont procurement procedures and guidelines;
  •  Develop and update procurement track sheet regularly.
  • Prepare delivery plan and maintain record of all procurements and maintain stock and office inventory on monthly basis.
  • Release goods to the staff and partners following standard Blumont procedure.
  • Assist Supervisor in Coordinating with Program staff to generate requests for procurement of quality material with approved specifications.


  • Ensure that the office is adequately equipped with necessary supplies and equipment.
  • Ensure that all office equipment, are kept in optimum working order, through correct usage and periodic maintenance; negotiate maintenance and repair contracts, maintain updated inventory record of all Blumont fixed and movable assets.
  • Identify appropriate office and staff housing facilities, as needed and requested; prepare contracts for the rental of facilities, as requested.
  • Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of housing and office facilities and their grounds; oversee the supervision of facilities staff including cleaners, office support staff and contracted labour.
  • Handle asset issuance, transfer and disposal request
  • Follow up the incident reports of assets/inventories, damaged, lost, robbed and disappeared
  • Proceed and follow up the general insurance cases of Blumont assets with insurance firm
  • Ensure fleet management for Blumont office & event
  • To assist other task which are related admin & Logistics.
  • Responsible for visa and travel arrangement for Blumont international and local staff.

Required Skills, Qualification and Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting / Finance / Business Management or related field
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in development sector with INGOs in same capacity
  • Working experience in Operations Management especially in logistics and procurement side, USAID funded projects will be preferred.                                   
  • Ability to handle vendors/contractors and ensure quality and value for money
  • Excellent computer skills and proficient in excel, word, outlook, and accounting software