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We are seeking qualified and highly motivated applicants for [WATCHMAN] Short term Contract; the position will be based in [LAHORE].

 General objectives of the function:

[The purpose of this position is to Protecting and Guarding Organization premises, owned or rented spaces, vehicles, and personnel ensuring safety and security based on security protocols and guidelines].


The position’s requirements are:

Academic Qualifications:  

· Primary school certificate


· 1 year experience in a relevant field and ability to read and write is preferable, in addition to basic mathematical skill like counting.  

Transversal Competencies:

Adherence to Organization and Humanitarian Values.

Conceptual Competencies:

• Cultural Awareness and Apprehension: Ability to identify and comprehend different cultural contexts, norms, habits, and trends.

Linguistic Competencies:

•Good communication skills in English, Urdu and Local Languages.