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Project:“Policy Advocacy & Research to Strengthen Implementation of Pro-Women Legislation & GBV response Services in Sindh. 

Place of Assignment:                          Karachi and Hyderabad

Job:                                                    Consultancy

Reporting to:                                       Regional Coordinator & Head of Program (HoP)

Duration:                                              20 Days


Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) is the leading Pakistani rights-based civil society organization, in terms of its countrywide presence and outreach. The organization works towards a democratic, socially just and ecologically sustainable society.

Overview of the Project:                

Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) Karachi is implementing the Project titled as“Policy Advocacy & Research to Strengthen Implementation of Pro-Women Legislation & GBV response Services in Sindh , with support of Australian High Commission & Australian Aid since January, 2017 in four districts of Sindh (namely Karachi, Hyderabad, Matiari and Jamshoro).  The project was

Project Goal:  Women are protected and accessing the services guaranteed under the recently promulgated pro-women law.

In pursuance of the project three specific objectives i.e. (1)To ensure GBV survivors have improved access to justice due to improved services, (2) to lobby key stakeholders to pass and fully implement key legislation relating to GBV (3)To provide institutional support to PCSW and provide technical support for setting up systems and structures.

In order to achieve the outcome in adherence to set objectives SPO made key achievement during the span of project: 

  • Conducted research based studies on status of GBV response services, implementation of pro-women laws in Sindh and on contemplating male legislators’ attitude towards the empowerment of women legislators.
  • Establishment of Provincial Network (Provincial Steering Forum) led by relevant government departments and civil society actors in order to support and conducted advocacy and lobbying initiatives for implementation of pro women legislation in Sindh.
  • Capacity Building of WDD officials, Dar ul Aman in charges and Women protection Staff on Pro Women Laws and Medico Legal Officers on Standard GBV Guidelines
  • Translation and dissemination of relevant Pro-women Acts into Sindhi and Urdu languages  
  • Meetings with Provincial Ministers and key influential’s for Consultative advocacy and lobbing on strengthening pro-women structures
  • Building of inclusive coordination between relevant government departments and other key stakeholders including legislatures, Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC), Sindh Commission on the Status of Women (SCSW), Women Development Department (WDD), Social Welfare Department (SWD), Human Rights Department (HRD), Home Department, and Planning and Development (P&D) Department.
  • Notification of District Monitoring Committees, Provincial Domestic Violence Commission under the Sindh DV (P&P) Act, 2013,
  •  Strengthening of Sindh Commission on the Status of Women (SCSW) and Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC)
  • Support rendered in addition of equipments and renovation women police station Bhit shah and Help desk SSP Malir  Karachi office. 

Objective and scope.

The end-line assessment of the project is expected to bring out the indicator based achievements, impacts, gaps identified, success stories, case studies, key lessons learnt as well as the challenges faced by the projects. The specific objectives of the end-line assessment are;

         I.            Assess the overall implementation plan of the project in terms of whether the project managed adequately in order to benefit its core target beneficiaries and involved key stakeholders.

        II.            Illustrate and document the innovations and learning from project activities in order to find what worked well and what did not work? Why?

      III.            Perform Political economy analysis in relevance to project and its interventions to contribute in national efforts to combat GBV so that its end result can provide strategic lessons to guide and support program team and donor.


The consultant will use participatory approach to collect quantitative and qualitative data and responses of project key stakeholders.

  • Desk review of Project documents and financial and other pertinent programme data including  Project Progress reports(quarterly and bi- annual)/training manuals, case studies/knowledge products, media coverage , Pro-women acts and performance indicators of concerned commissions and committees ( Sindh Commission on the status of women, and Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC), District Monitoring committees) and Policy gap analysis/proposed amendments in policy
  • Collection of Primary data will happen through FGDs, KII, questionnaires’ and other relevant tools for data collection) in order to inclusively record perceptions and responses key beneficiaries and  stakeholders .i.e. Women development department, Provincial steering forum (PSF) members, Members of Provincial Assembly of Sindh, Sindh Women’s Parliamentary CAUCUS Sindh Commission on the Status of Women (SCSW) Civil Society Members. 


It is expected that the consultant will provide the following key deliverables; 

a)       Project assessment instrument/plan and data collection field plan

b)       Sampling frame for data collection

c)       Project end-line assessment Report  

Facilitation for the Consultant:

Head of Program and Regional Coordinator Karachi Office will be the focal person for this assignment and will maintain close liaison with the selection of consultant for quality assurance. 

1.    Inception meeting with the selected consultant for providing detailed insight of the assignment will be carried soon after the signing of the consultancy agreement.

2.    Providing all project documents for the development project completion report.

3.    Facilitation in arranging meetings with relevant stakeholders as per requirement 

Requested Documents:

The proposal must be supported with following documents:

  1. 1.  Cover letter highlighting relevant experience
  2. 2.  Technical proposal including profile of firm/company or curriculum vitae in case of individual consultant.
  3. 3.  Work Plan

 Duration of the Contract

The contract will start from September 30, 2019 and will end on October 19, 2019. 

Payment Schedule:

Full payment of assignment will be paid on the receipt of final report and other deliverables. Tax will be deducted as per laws of Government of Pakistan. 

The consultant applying for this assignment must have:

  • Post graduate degree in Social Sciences, Law, Peace & Gender Studies, International Development, Community Development or related field
  • Experience in designing and conducting baseline, end line- assessment, and other comparable quantitative and qualitative assessments studies.
  • Excellent report writing and data analysis skills.
  • Excellent language proficiency in English
  • A demonstrated commitment to the rights of women and understanding of political situation and CGBV laws of Pakistan.
  • Knowledge and experience working in all or any of the following areas:
  • Gender equality
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace prevention
  • Gender based violence and intimate partner violence prevention