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We are seeking a motivated individual to assist us with a short research project on the impact of an in-service nursing education program that has been supported by ICRC since 2017.

The consultant shall have:

  • Min 3-5 years of experience in research, previous working experience with Khyber Medical University (KMU) Institute of Nursing Sciences (INS), an advantage.
  • Sound knowledge of healthcare systems /hospital environment

Scope of Work

The researcher will initially work closely with the ICRC Nursing Development team to determine the information required. The researcher will then formulate the questionnaire and design the most appropriate methodology to obtain and analyze the data.

Description of Tasks

·           Formulate a workplan/timeline for the project

·           Liaise closely with ICRC Nursing Development team to ensure the study is meeting     objectives

·           Design the questionnaire and ensure most appropriate delivery /implementation method

·           Collect and collate the raw data

·           Analyze the data

·           Produce a report on the findings

Terms and Conditions

·       The consultant is expected to perform this task over 2 months (October /November)

·       The consultant will not be entitled to employee benefits or any other organizational benefits

·       The consultant will not represent ICRC at any platform during or after this consultancy

·       The consultant will be bound to achieve all deliverables as mentioned in the consultancy agreement and as identified in the work plan