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Reports to:

  • Operations
  • Direct Supervisor:


  • Regular Full-time

Grade Level:


  • None

Summary: Ensures that assigned vehicles are properly driven and maintained to effectively support implementation of program activities at the local level. Provides back up support to Administration.

Key Job Outcomes:

  1. Vehicle Operations: Drives assigned Pathfinder vehicles to authorized areas while adhering to Pathfinder and local regulations.
  2. Vehicle Safety and Security: Ensures that designated vehicles are fully operational, licensed and insured as required by law. Ensures that designated vehicles are well maintained and are serviced appropriately. Ensures that all passengers are securely belted up before embarking on any trip. Reports any accident or defect of the vehicle to the supervisor of record.
  3. Daily Pre-Checks: Conducts daily pre-inspection tests on the assigned vehicle, including oil level, water levels, tire pressure, brake fluid level and the like.
  4. Vehicle Mileage Records: Accurately records mileage in the log book. Submits monthly mileage summary to Finance.
  5. Courier Services: Delivers mail using assigned vehicle.
  6. Inventory Coordination:  Loads and unloads vehicle with supplies. Sets and arranges supplies in store.

Minimally Required Job-Specific Competencies:

  • Motor Safety Regulations:  Proven ability to drive vehicles safely and securely according to country and local specific regulations
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Proven ability to check vehicles to ensure they are operational, road worthy and safe.
  • Record Keeping: Advanced knowledge of completing required logs for mileage traveled in assigned vehicles.


Minimally Required Organizational Competencies:

  • Software Applications: Foundational knowledge of Word and Outlook.
  • Languages: Foundational writing and speaking skills using local language and English language.
  • Communication: Foundational oral and written communication skills different forms of media.
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Services: Foundational knowledge of family planning and reproductive health principles, practices and services, including program strategies and indicators.
  • Passion for Sexual and Reproductive Health Services: Commitment to family planning, reproductive health services, gender, maternal, child health services, and eradication of harmful traditional practices.
  • Organization, Planning and Multi-tasking: Foundational organizational and planning skills, project planning and management skills. Ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and multi-task with minimal supervision.
  • Self-Management and Teamwork: Ability to work independently or as a member of the team, ability to be detailed-oriented, and ability to manage stress effectively in a fast-paced environment, ability to meet commitments in a timely manner,
  • Matrix Management: Ability to thrive in a matrixed organization.

Minimally Required Education, Training and Experience:

  • Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • 3 years’ relevant work experience

Other Information:

  • Must be able to see 20/20 with corrective lenses if necessary
  • Must have ability to drive the assigned vehicles