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Training Consultants (Karachi, Dadu, Khairpur, Rawalpindi and Quetta)

Terms of Reference

We are seeking to hire 5 individual training consultants (1 each in Karachi, Dadu, Khairpur, Rawalpindi and Quetta) to manage and facilitate number of training workshops on women and girl legal rights within justice system of Pakistan.

The consultants shall have:

  • At least an LLB or equivalent degree in Law.
  • A legal practice and 5-10 years’ experience of conducting similar training workshops and work with judges, prosecutors, lawyers and related stakeholders.
  • Command over Pakistani Laws especially pro-women laws.
  • Command over international, national and provincial legal frameworks related to women's and girls' rights.
  • In-depth knowledge and information on Gender-based Violence/Violence against Women and Girls situation globally and locally.

The consultants shall:

  • Provide training facilitation services for a number of training workshops in their respective districts as mentioned above (2 day each) to judges, prosecutors, court staff, lawyers, MLOs, women development department staff and other related stakeholders.
  • Administer and manage all matters related to training workshops to be conducted including but not limited to venue bookings, participant mobilization and participation, pre-training preparations, post training closing and documentation/record keeping.
  • Write report of each training workshop and one consolidated report at end of total training workshops covering cumulative results.

Terms and Conditions

  • The consultants will be paid a lump-sum amount per day basis as per schedule that will be agreed upon on job offer.
  • The consultants will not be entitled to employee benefits or any other organizational benefits.
  • The consultants will not represent Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid (LHRLA) at any platform during or after this consultancy.
  • The consultants will be bound to achieve all deliverables as mentioned in the consultancy contract and as identified in the work plan.