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  • An NGO requires a consultant/firm, possessing sufficient academic credentials (Graduate/Masters Degree) in software development and work history, to develop an MIS system for operations and project teams varying thematically and disperse geographically across the country.


  • Any consultant/firm with demonstrable academic credentials (Graduate/Masters Degree) in software development and work history of not less than five years can send a work proposal with a detailed budget to be part of the process.

The Assignment

  • An in-depth analysis on current operations, data storage and retrieval mechanisms, monitoring and evaluation processes, management of the staff, implementation of project work-plans, means of maintaining inventories and any required maintenance of equipment, track of project progress and communication means among the staffs at various levels. Based on the analysis, a thorough report is generated, aiming to institutionalization, correlating multiple data points, streamlining of systems and practices, strategizing to improve operations, reduction of duplication and reinventing of materials, means of improving communication among the teams at various levels and mediums of communication, improve collaboration among teams and departments, share key learning across geographic locations, and minimize the usage of paper.
  • The Organization has a huge collection of photos, videos, project proposals and reports, HTML web page archives, PDF documents, MS Excel sheets, training modules, scanned copies of various natures, and audio files that are required when designing a new project. A systematic arrangement of our archives is inevitable for a smooth continuity of our work. Hence, a searchable and easy to use for end users database design, web-based front-end and back-end interface and automated recovery plan of the database are required. It should facilitate international research.
  • As the database is connectivity is web-design, digital security, updating the security systems in future are a definite feature of the system. Also, as a security measure, the access to the entire database is hierarchical, depending on the type of the data and the person accessing it.
  • The MIS system must aim to help senior management in decision-making process in taking strategic direction at various fronts and levels. It should give managers ability to foresee future trends.
  • The automation should be accessible in English, Urdu and Pashto language
  • Giving any coaching class to the entire relevant staff for shifting to the automation and web-based environment at all geographic locations.


  • Organization operations analysis report.
  • Provides Organization with complete `Source Code Manual`.
  • Installation and QA testing of a complete MIS system.
  • Suggest a complete solution.
  • Technical and cost proposal.
  • With details of technology stack and procurement requirements (Hardware/Software/Services) and Security.
  • Implementation plan (with breakup).
  • Training plan, methodology and requirements.
  • Maintenance period 2 years: please define what services will be included in maintenance.

Assignment specifications: 

As Consultant

  • The consultant/ firm understands the mission/vision of the organization, the project goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrates understanding, and incorporates into practice, the various codes of conduct, values, ethics and standards practiced.
  • Is open to receiving feedback and willing to make changes.
  • Maintains a professional conduct, including maintaining professional attire, is punctual and follows the set time frames, and being well organized and fully prepared for the training.
  • Understands and deals well with participants from different cultural backgrounds during the trainings.
  • Remains available for meetings & discussions with the management team whenever required and provides positive and constructive inputs.
  • Is ready to conduct the pilot before full implementation.
  • Is reputable with proven competency.
  • The consultant/ firm ensures enough resources (financial, material, technical etc.) to sustain the project over the period of contract.

Additional Information:

  • The firm is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) with a valid tax payer number.
  • The company is willing to undergo the process of verifications on part of Organization.
  • The company fulfills all legal requirements for technical and financial proposal in the process of award of contract.
  • Organization has the right to award the contract to any party it deems fit, after the internal processes of the Organization. This information will be confidential and no consultant/firm will have a right to challenge it.
  • A proof of successful completion of a similar project shall be an asset.
  • The MIS may also incorporate the HRMIS.