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Job Purpose:

Under the supervision of the TEAL Operations manager and Senior Manager ICT Program, the person in this position will support the development of graphic and digital video content for TEAL.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • Coordinate with subject trainers and curriculum developers to provide audio visuals for digital learning materials
  • Liaise and coordinate with different subject teams for the requirement of material to be created and participation in team meetings for brain storming
  • Research and develop Digital material as per requirement
  • Record voiceovers for the videos.
  • Edit digital content according to subject specialists’ requirement.
  • Meet deadlines for providing finished product.


1.    Outline the appropriate sequencing for each video lesson to suit the lesson objectives and subject requirements

2.    Use PowerPoint to draft screen layouts, graphics and interactions appropriate to the content.

3.    Review the audio script for each video and work with subject matter expert and voice talent to ensure proper pronunciation and style. Record the voice over for videos.

4.    Conversion of Content type for use over different Operating systems

5.    Participate in team brainstorming and strategy meetings to help define goals and direction.

6.    Keep up to date on learning tools, trends, and ideas to create innovative digital learning materials

7.    Provide regular updates and reports to subject teams and TEAL Academic and Operations Manager and Curriculum Director ensuring delivery of quality learning products on time and within budget

Education, qualification, skills and experience:

  • Graduation in IT or relevant field, or Graphics designing, or Diploma in Graphics designing

(Relevant) Experience:


  • 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in education or development sector in graphics Designing, Digital content writing

Skills: (Essential and Desirable)


  • Interpersonal and Communication:

Excellent oral and writing skills in Urdu and English language

  • Critical Thinking and Orientation:

Ability to apply strong analytical skills in the development of Digital content

  • Decision Making Skills:

Ability to work under minimum supervision. A multitasking spirit to handle tough situations and stringent circumstances.

  • Team Work: 

Fostering team work and performing effectively in a team.


Technical knowledge/ know how


  • Understanding of Graphics designing (Basics and Advanced)
  • Can use Maya, 3D Max, Adobe Illustrator and other graphics designing software
  • Knowledge of Digital content development (Video based lectures, GIFs, Animations, Camtasia Studio, Power Point, Final Cut Pro (Advanced) etc.)



DIL Core Values and Commitments; 

  • Transformation: We transform lives and empower communities by pursuing innovative ideas and approaches that improve students' learning outcomes and soft skills
  • Excellence: We are committed to achieving the highest level of impact through excellence in service delivery and educational products
  • Collaboration: We take a democratic and participatory approach in all aspects of our work
  • Equity: We exercise fairness, compassion and respect when dealing with each other and those around us
  • Integrity: We strive to set high moral and ethical standards for ourselves and to gain the trust of others
  • Transparency: We exercise strong internal controls and transparency and are fully accountable to our donors and the people we serve
  • Flexibility: We drive and embrace change and are willing to try out different, pioneering approaches


DIL is committed to ensuring that DIL staff is suitable to work with children and have the knowledge s/he needs to uphold and abide by the DIL’s Child Protection Policy