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Project Title:

We are an International organization and implementing German government funded project “Addressing the health and livelihood needs of the returnees with focus on including Older People, People with Disability (PWDS), women and children in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Pakistan”. The project will be implemented through community Support Groups-CSGs, which are responsible for identification of beneficiaries, support in implementation of project activities, monitoring and feedback support mechanisms. The project will address the immediate needs of targeted beneficiaries regarding health, livelihood and protection needs in the project areas focusing for vulnerable older people, persons with disabilities, orphan headed families, widow headed families, minorities and other vulnerable groups.

Objective or Purpose:

The MEAL Officer will support the project management in planning, implementation, reporting and monitoring/evaluation activities. The MEAL Officer will ensure the data collection, analysis, documenting learnings, evaluate impact and also ensure accountability and efficiency for project in the field.

Duties & responsibilities:

The specific responsibilities of MEAL Officer are:

  • Support all M&E initiatives for project including monitoring, quality data collection, tracking the progress of activities and contributing to staff capacity building initiatives as necessary.
  • Support project management in creating a framework and procedures for monitoring and evaluation of the project activities; Support Project Management in defining and implementing the key project performance indicators as well as monitoring them throughout the project period;
  • Assist Project Coordinator in proposing strategies to increase the data use and demand amongst the project staff;
  • Assist project staff and the project coordinator in clarifying project information needs;
  • Support Project Coordinator and other project staff on ways to properly document; organize and capture the project progress;
  • Draft tools and their revisions as well as the data collection procedures under supervision of Program Manager Emergencies / HoD (e.g. logical framework, project performance tracking, indicators, data flow chart, M&E manuals)
  • Support Emergencies Programs in reviewing the performance of existing management information systems to help identify potential modifications or resources;
  • Ensure CRM should be functional in the field and report on monthly basis
  • Keep up to date development in grant/project changes and progress in order to advise and recommend tools and strategies to increase project performance and results;
  • Suggest ways to facilitate data collection and the flow of data within project field teams;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in existing data collection and management systems etc


Knowledge/ skill

  • Master’s Degree in social sciences from a recognized institute
  • 3-4 years working experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of projects
  • Capacity to produce high-quality briefs and reports (narrative, analytical and graphical)
  • Good level of proficiency in Microsoft office;
  • Good knowledge of quantitative/qualitative data analysis;
  • Ability to design M&E tools;
  • Ability to support in designing surveys, surveillance systems, and evaluations,
  • Demonstrated ability to train and build capacity of others in accountability and CRM, Strong interpersonal skills

*We are Equal Opportunities Employer