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Specific Responsibilities:

Developing and Strengthening the MEAL Systems:

  • Strengthen existing and/or develop new MEAL systems & tools to ensure that the key performance indicators of each project (at output and outcome level) and tools for monitoring are aligned.
  • Support program teams in ensuring regular monitoring visits are carried out using prescribed tools and processes.
  • Follow up with program teams to check if recommendations given in monitoring report are being followed.
  • Ensure quality and accountability is reflected in monitoring tools & processes.
  • Make sure mechanism for regular data collection, monitoring reports and identify any modifications that might be needed in the current M&E system and practices for better performance.
  • Monitor the extent to which the involved project team is meeting its objectives and targets against its project proposals.
  • Assess appropriateness of procedures used for planning, program implementation & management, reporting and monitoring & evaluation (M&E).
  • Identify, analyze and synthesize lessons learned from program implementation and facilitate program staff for the incorporation of those lessons into project designing.
  • Lead or provide inputs on needs assessment, baseline/end line surveys and impact assessments analysis and reporting when required.
  • Facilitate and manage external evaluations, impact assessments and mid-term reviews.
  • Design and organize regular internal program reviews.
  • Financial management of budgets allocated for monitoring.

Program Documentation:

  • Review project donor reports, including editing, consistency in information, fulfilling format and grant agreement guidelines.
  • Ensure reports reflect analysis and outcome level information.
  • Support and mentor program team in capturing outcome and impact level changes in projects.
  • Coordination with teams for quality content and refining reports.
  • Support in refining Needs Assessments, Baseline and Evaluation reports when required.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of practical guidance, best practice and lessons learnt at all levels within the programs and organization.

Management and Coordination:

  • Management and team development of direct reportees.
  • Ensure direct reportees adhere to all policies and procedures.
  • Coordination with Head of Communications to ensure complementarity in the Program Development, Visibility and Fundraising Unit.
  • Promote the desired organizational culture in team and office.


Job Requirements:


  • For the position of MEAL Coordinator, Masters or Graduation Degree recognized University preferably in Social Work/Development Studies/Economic or in a relevant discipline.
  • A minimum of 5 years work experience in humanitarian/development sector. Experience in MEAL in diverse range of thematic areas and approaches i.e capacity building; development; humanitarian etc.
  • Knowledge in terms of its political, economic and social trends plus a good understanding of the key development and humanitarian issues in the region.


  • Skilled at designing tools and processes for monitoring and evaluation and analyzing data.
  • Ability to capture lessons learned and support in institutionalization of learnings.
  • Sound skill in grant and report writing with a broad range of donors.
  • Excellent writing skills in English. Proactive in communication and information sharing.
  • Able to work with a participatory project design work approach.
  • Ability to understand budgeting and design implementation strategies.
  • Able to understand basics of M&E, budgeting and implementation strategies
  • Skilled at proofing and editing reports/proposals etc

Core Competencies:

  • Understanding of humanitarian contexts and applying humanitarian principles and standards:
  • Demonstrates understanding of the project design and development and MEAL Approaches.
  • Assesses and analyses key issues and formulates actions to respond to them.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the gender, diversity and inclusion of project participants in project design
  • Takes into account the needs, skills, capacities and experience of project participants and applies these in project design.
  • Achieving Results:
  • Maintains focus on delivery of timely and appropriate results by effective use of available resources.
  • Sets standards in work and follows agreed operating procedures.
  • Considers the wider impact of decisions in order to achieve results.
  • Developing and maintaining collaborative relationships:
  • Contributes positively in team to achieve MEAL objectives.
  • Monitors work progress and individual performance.
  • Fosters collaborative, transparent and accountable relationships with local-level & national-level organizations to formalize and implement agreements.
  • Actively listens to new and different perspectives and experiences of project participants, stakeholders and team members.
  • Displays empathy, respect and compassion towards project participants.
  • Operating Safely and Securely at all Times:
  • Identify and communicates risks & threats and mitigates these for team & partners organization.
  • Champions the importance of safety and keeps the safety of colleagues and team members in mind at all times.
  • Recognizes different vulnerabilities and reduces vulnerability by complying with safety and security protocols set by an organization and adapt them to the local context.
  • Managing in Pressured and Changing Environment:
  • Remains constructive and positive under stress to be able to tolerate difficult and challenging environments.
  • Maintains ethical and professional behavior in accordance with relevant Codes of Conduct.
  • Adapts calmly to changing situations and constraints.
  • Recognises personal stress and takes steps to reduce it.
  • Takes responsibility for own work and its impact on others.
  • Demonstrating Leadership:
  • Demonstrates understanding of skills and how they complement those of others to build team effectiveness.
  • Adapts leadership style to time frame and changing situation.
  • Demonstrates initiative and suggests creative improvements and better ways of working.