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Position Title: Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

Location: Islamabad or Peshawar

Job Summary:

The M&E Manager, under the administrative guidance and supervision by the Programme Coordinator and International M&E Specialist, will have the primary responsibility for guiding the technical and analytical tasks of the staff in Monitoring & Evaluation in provincial and district offices. The M&E Manager will oversee the entire M&E section for their relevant province (one manager in each Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Punjab). The location of the Manager will either be within a district office in their province, or in the Central Programme Management Unit (CPMU) in Islamabad, depending on programme needs and the candidate.

The M&E Manager will be responsible for ensuring that all M&E activities in their province are carried out as per the scheduled workplan in the Strategy Document dated November 2018. The M&E Manager is responsible to develop rigorous, and in some cases peer-reviewable, methodologies for the activities in the M&E strategy. The M&E Manager is then responsible to ensure activities are carried out by their M&E Coordinators in accordance with the methodology, workplan and budget. These activities include: endline surveys, case studies, an Impact Study involving control and trial groups, and field and data monitoring. Other activities may be added during the duration of this position, depending on programme need.

The M&E Manager will directly supervise the M&E Coordinators in their relevant district and will be responsible for assigning, managing and quality assuring their products and deliverables.  

Key Result Areas (KRAs)

Main Duties and responsibilities

Government Relationship Management 

  • Maintain a relationship with PMIU or IMU for easy data collection
  • Coordinate permission from relevant district authorities for various surveys
  • Share information with the government, when required or when Humqadam choses to share

M & E Activities 

  • Manage the implementation of all activities as per the M&E Strategy (i.e. endline surveys, impact assessment, case studies, satisfaction surveys, monitoring visits, GRM, and lessons learned)
  • Lead the process of implementing all necessary tools and instruments for data collection.
  • Implement and make adjustments as needed to surveys and other evaluation activities in consultation with the Programme Coordinator and international M&E Consultant, for gauging the change within key education indicators including enrolment, retention, transition and the learning environment.
  • Analyze the data and disseminate findings to all key stakeholders to ensure that lessons are learned and uptake of findings occurs
  • Ensure safety and security of M&E Data/Reports, as well as participants in M&E surveys or other activities.
  • Review all case study concept notes, methodologies and reports submitted by M&E Coordinators for relevance, robustness and methodological strength. Methodologies should be clear, specific, and able to be replicated by all M&E Coordinators.
  • Coordinate with the M&E Manager of the other province to ensure consistency in reporting

Internal & External Coordination

  • The M&E Manager will coordinate and participate in endline studies through a third party.
  • Coordinate with District CD teams and communication and outreach when information sharing and assistance is needed
  • On bi-annual basis, in consultation with the Programme Coordinator, Operations Manager, and International M&E Consultant, undertake reviews of the programme’s logical framework and M&E strategy/plan, M&E tools and suggest for modification as necessary. Update the M&E strategy document, accordingly.
  • Closely supervise and provide technical feedback to the M&E Coordinators to ensure their deliverables are relevant and useful to the programme, and in-line with the overall M&E strategy.
  • Work closely with the M&E Manager for the other province to compare information gathered through M&E activities and ensure the two provincial M&E teams are utilizing similar approaches and strategies when performing the same activity. 

Capacity Building of M&E staff / Training Delivery

  • Ensure that all personnel recruited in the M&E Section have the necessary skills (including language skills), knowledge and background to fulfill their roles
  • Identify the capacity building needs of programme’s staff who have M&E responsibilities at the provincial/district level
  • Organize trainings or on-the-job mentoring of M&E staff of the district and provincial level so that they are equipped with the necessary analytical skills, technical capacity and abilities to carry out their functions smoothly.

Activity Reporting

  • Conduct regular M&E review meetings at the provincial level, to inform and improve programme planning and implementation.
  • Coordinate conducting of research or special studies focusing on important aspects of programme implementation
  • Compile, review and disseminate all the required periodic reports and plans on quarterly basis to Programme Coordinator
  • Maintain regular contact with Programme Coordinator on implementation and management issues
  • Ensure smooth functioning of GRM system.

Management of Monitoring

  • Undertake periodic visits to project sites to physically monitor implementation. Based on such visits and the monitoring methodology,  share points for action, with district, provincial and head office staff, and CPMU
  • Oversee and supervise the district level field visits of M&E Coordinators and ensure that these are being shared with concerned programme staff.
  • Escalate the findings of the monitoring visit reports to programme heads at CPMU level where necessary for in time corrective actions.

Minimum Experience Required

  • At least 7 years of progressively senior management experience in M&E including knowledge of the logical framework approach and other strategic planning approaches. M&E methods and approaches (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory at the community level).
  • Proven experience of implementation of M&E tools and studies.
  • Proven experience in data collection and analysis techniques, both Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Previous experience of working with the provincial governments and/ or working in the education sector in M&E would be preferred

Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge Required

  • Masters level degree in statistics/international development or other relevant field preferred
  • Pragmatic approach of imparting M&E training to staff for capacity building in M&E and record keeping;
  • Understanding of grassroots level development approaches with a focus on participatory processes and gender issues.
  • Excellent knowledge of the common applications of the MS Office suite, especially Excel
  • Good English speaking and report writing skills
  • Willingness to undertake regular/ frequent field visits within the province.