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Essential Skills:

  1. Excellent written and oral English skills
  2. Ability to work both independently and with teams
  3. Strong ability to multi task and manage different assignments at the same time
  4. Ability to work in a fast paced corporate structure in a multi-faceted role 
  5. Proficient in the use of all Microsoft Office applications
  6. Good understanding and ability to use social media platforms 

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  1. Management of CEO’s Office (schedule, guests, meetings)
  2. Supervision of Office Assistants 
  3. Support in Computer based work
  4. Support in handling social media platforms 
  5. Management and supervision of administrative tasks in Admin Block
  6. Coordination between different departments, staff and vendors 
  7. Representing administration/CEO on internal forums and working groups 
  8. Any other related tasks assigned by Management

Job Description:

 The role of Admin Assistant is a multi-faceted position. The position holder will be responsible for a wide array of administrative tasks. The incumbent will be responsible for the overall management and supervision of the Admin Block including the office of the CEO. The Admin Assistant will ensure that the Office of the CEO runs smoothly and that all administrative tasks relating to office are managed efficiently including answering phones, writing emails, booking/cancelling appointments, guests, meetings and managing daily routines. 

The Admin Assistant in their role of managing the Admin Block will be responsible for ensuring that Office Assistants are carrying out their roles effectively, housekeepers are cleaning on a regular basis and any structural (electrical, furnishing, equipment etc.) related problem is highlighted and dealt with immediately. 

The Admin Assistant will support the office in computer-based work that could include composing, drafting, editing, printing, scanning and photocopying. The Admin Assistant will be responsible for coordinating with staff and vendors to ensure that instructions and assigned tasks are being carried out effectively. The Admin Assistant will represent the Administration including the CEO’s office on a number of internal forums such as the Social Media Working Group and any other internal committee or group that is relevant.

The incumbent may be assigned any other task on a day to day basis that is relevant to the role.