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About World Learning


World Learning is a non-profit organization advancing leadership in more than 60 countries. For 82 years, we have envisioned a just world driven by engaged citizens and thriving communities. To achieve this goal, World Learning provides education, exchange, and development programs that empower people and strengthen institutions.


Since 2013, World Learning has been working in Pakistan to implement multiple programs focusing on activities in early grades reading, professional development, and IT-related workforce development across various regions of the country. 


About Pakistan Reading Project


The USAID funded Pakistan Reading Project (PRP) is a seven-year effort, implemented by International Rescue Committee (IRC) with World Learning as one of its consortium partners.  The main objective of PRP is to support the provincial/regional departments of education (DoE) in improving the reading skills of 1.3 million students in grade 1 and grade 2 across Pakistan. The project is achieving this goal through three distinct but interrelated components that impact the overall quality of primary education, including teacher education, policy reforms, and community engagement in order to ultimately improve reading skills gains against established standards and more broadly, re-establish a ‘culture of reading’.



Tasks and Responsibilities


The selected event management company will be required to ensure appropriate execution of the following tasks:


  • End to end execution of logistics and support at the event at Gilgit and Muzaffarabad.
  • Maximum use of the selected venue.
  • Arrange for smooth and uninterrupted sound, lighting system, stage and backdrop.
  • Arrangement of generator for back-up power support and projector/multi-media and others.
  • Submit the strategy of the event with time frame and its impact.
  • Provide staffing of event reception/registration desk /all necessary activities.
  • Print and place branding material at the appropriate places.



Detailed specifications of each individual assignment will be given to the selected event management company as and when the services are required.




Qualification and Expertise


The successful event management company is required to meet the following criteria:


  • The firm must have adequate size; structure, staffing, facilities and financial standing to provide comprehensive services related to development and execution of events.
  • Firm must possess ten year experience of working with international organizations and the development sector
  • Logistics and capacity to handle and host large scale events
  • Quality and credentials of team members



This application is open for companies


Interested companies provide the following:


  • Portfolio of events
  • Client record
  • References list


Deliverables/Expected Outcomes


The following deliverables and outcomes will be expected from the


  • Arrangement of venue, food, sound system and appropriate placement of branding material
  • Smooth execution of event
  • Final report of the event including meeting minutes


Contract duration


The contract will be effective from date of signing until notice.  


Terms and conditions of payment


The event management company will be involved on an assignment basis and paid in local currency as per the agreement between company and World Learning depending upon the scale of the job/event.


Mode of payment


• 60% payment will be made after signing of the agreement and upon submission of work plan;

• Balance 40% will be paid after completion of target activities and submission of the final report