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Position Objective

Supporting project in conducting gender analysis and gender sensitive need assessments

Job Responsibilities

  1. Compilation, analysis and interpretation of gender issues through research work and preparation of quality analytical reports.
  2. Develop, maintain and disseminate a comprehensive knowledge base on the gender perspectives in the area of work of the department to promote the professional development of staff in this area and provide information as required for different purposes.
  3. Analyze country's gender policies and their impact on health systems
  4. Training and capacity development for project staff on gender sensitivity.
  5. Support in designing of gender sensitive tools for assessments
  6. Ensure inclusion of gender-specific objectives, indicators, targets and activities throughout project implementation.
  7. Assist in creating sound policy frameworks for inclusion in public health supply chain at national and regional levels, based on gender-sensitive development strategies.
  8. Develop and maintain collegial, productive relationships with the Government of Pakistan while achieving the overall project goals and objectives with respect to gender and broader equity integration;
  9. Effectively liaise with senior management on aspects of Project work plan implementation related to gender and broader equity integration;
  10. Provide strategic direction, work plan development, and resource (technical assistance, training, commodity, and management necessary for the timely and successful completion work plan tasks related to gender and broader equity integration.
  11. Serve as a member of any panel or committee established by senior management to select candidates for employment to assess their attributes relevant to gender sensitivity.
  12. Ensure that all necessary routine and ad hoc reporting on gender activities provides a timely, high quality, and accurate reflection of project’s progress toward its gender equity goals and objectives.
  13. Ensure integration of gender equity into all aspects of project activity;
  14. Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

Job Specifications

Education: Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, Gender Studies or relevant discipline.

Work Experience: Minimum 5 years’ experience; specifically, 3 years in gender analysis, and gender-sensitive needs assessment