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As team member of MER Unit, the incumbent will assist MER Unit in effective information management.

Data Quality Assurance and Handling





  1. Designing quality data storage interfaces/data bases through applying data quality controls.
  2. Ensuring data storage for the ease and retrieval and analysis.
  3. Ensuring data security and protection to avoid data tempering, theft and misuse.
  4. Designing and implementation of an indexing scheme for the retrieval for the effective storage and retrieval of the data.    

Data Compilation, Entry and Cleaning

  1. Reviewing completed tools/instruments to report on their exact application in the field.
  2. Supervising data entry into data interfaces/data bases with minimum transposition errors.
  3. Leading data cleaning.
  4. Deployments and configuration of the data storage systems.

Data Collection Tools/Instruments Design

  1. Supporting MER team in the design of the data collection tools.
  2. Ensuring data collection tools are aligned to donors and ARC’s data requirements against the indicators.
  3. Updating data collection and storage tools/instruments based upon learning and feedback.

Use of Technology Platform

  1. Adopting android based and other technology platforms for data collection.
  2. Programming/creating data collection tools in Andriod platform.
  3. Advising MER Manager on appropriate choice of gadgets and software suites for data collection.

Capacity Building

  1. Training/technical support team members in the use of data collection tools.
  2. Training/technical support to team members in the use of database/data storage interface.
  3. Training/technical support to team members in the use of Andriod based data collection tools.


  1. Applying queries on stored data to produce reports for different stakeholders especially donors and ARC’s management.
  2. Generating indicator specific reports.
  3. Support organization learning through providing evidence for the effectiveness of program designs and approaches.
  4. Supporting new program/project designs through providing required data.
  5. Updating program dashboards on the defined frequency.

Education & Experience:

  • Minimum 3 years experience in a similar capacity. Experience in Education/Health Management Information System is highly desirable.
  • Masters (minimum 16 year) in computer science, information technology, software engineering or information system management. International certification in information management is a plus.
  • Capable of working individually and as part of a team.
  • Capable of handling Data base (Access, SPSS); essential.
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment under challenging conditions with persons from differing backgrounds.
  • Capable of working in multi-cultural environment.
  • Can work with minimum guidance and supervision.