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‘Development of DMPA-SC Introduction and Scale-up Plan’ in Pakistan is a 7-month project implemented by RIZ Consulting. Subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC) is an innovative subcutaneous injectable contraceptive that is currently being introduced in many countries, with a focus on increasing women’s access to safe, effective contraception within a context of contraceptive method mix and informed choice. The proposed investment will complement work currently undertaken by the Access Collaborative, led by PATH, to work with government stakeholders and donors to develop a national vision, and introduction and scale-up plans for Sindh and Punjab for DMPA-SC.

Job Description

RIZ Consulting is looking for an experienced Project Coordinator for the said project, based in Islamabad to work with government stakeholders and donors to develop introduction and scale-up plans for Sindh and Punjab for DMPA-SC, under the national vision.

The Project Coordinator will be responsible for working with key stakeholders to facilitate and coordinate efforts to ensure successful DMPA-SC introduction and scale-up. He/She will provide support to complement the existing and potential DMPA-SC introduction and scale up efforts; this support will help avoid duplication, address existing gaps and ensure added value. He/she will support routine coordination with the Stakeholder including Ministry of Health (MoH) and MoPW, Provincial health ministries, family planning departments and counterparts, provincial health departments, population welfare Departments, Chair of FP2020 Working Groups and CEWG (Country Engagement Working Groups), civil society groups, community groups, health workers and any other relevant stakeholders to be identified during the course of the project.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide overall leadership, management oversight and coordination to develop a national vision, and introduction and scale-up plans for Sindh and Punjab for DMPA-SC
  • Provide senior-level content knowledge, technical assistance, consultation and support for the development, execution and monitoring of the project activities.
  • Ensure coordination/facilitation among the project team and PMU to prepare and implement the plan
  • Provide support to assess Stakeholders Interest and Readiness and formation of Cohorts in Sindh and Punjab who will work throughout the introduction and scaling plan development process
  • Provide support to cohorts to develop work plan detailing methodologies to develop provincial introduction plans, key deliverables and timeline
  • Design and lead advocacy efforts to Identify and address policy related issues related to the introduction of the product
  • Undertake research and develop stakeholder engagement strategies and ensure its implementation
  • Take a lead in developing the communications and resource mobilization strategies for DMPA-SC
  • Work with Ministry of Health (MoH) and MoPW, provincial health departments, population welfare Departments, Chair of FP2020 Working Groups and CEWG (Country Engagement Working Groups) and other stakeholders to ensure their support and buy-in of the development and implementation of the DMPA-SC introduction/scale up plans
  • Work closely with the above stakeholders to developing comprehensive, total-market, country-level introduction plans for DMPA-SC
  • Gather key information required for the introduction plan, including information on potential introduction channels and the costs of implementing the plan
  • Any other tasks deemed necessary to achieve the project objectives according to the request of RIZ.


Monitoring and Reporting

  • Lead, review, and monitor the development of weekly and motherly work plans, monitoring frameworks and budgets
  • Routinely report to the Project Management Team (PMT) on issues, activities conducted, next steps and outputs achieved
  • Review all deliverables and reports to be submitted to PMT prior to submission and liaise with staff members and consultants to ensure that the quality of the deliverables and reports submitted to PMT are according to relevant guidelines, TORs and hold the expected standard of quality

 Experience and Education Required

  • Public Health educational background, preferably with master's degree in public health, health management, or other field related to family planning/product introduction and program implementation; or documented equivalent experience in related field.
  • Minimum of five (05) years of experience working in international development, preferably in the health or family planning field, in Pakistan.
  • Minimum of three (03) years' experience in project management.
  • Working knowledge of the country-level family planning environment, partners, and programs, especially Ministry of Health and family planning and other government agencies and officials responsible for family planning activities and strategies implementation.
  • Familiarity with the donor landscape for family planning, including USAID, WFP, DFID, and UNFPA as well as activities supported by other donors.
  • Basic understanding of the range of public and private delivery channels for contraceptive products and services, including public sector facilities, community-based delivery mechanisms/programs, non-governmental (NGOs) structures, and private delivery mechanisms (social marketing, pharmacies, drug shops).
  • Conversant with and able to identify/obtain data and information relevant to the introduction planning, including (but not limited to):
    • Contraceptive prevalence and method use data from sources such as Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), and FP2020 resources.
    • Regional and national health service delivery data (facilities, coverage, numbers and types of health service providers)
    • Health service delivery monitoring data from national HMIS
    • Demonstrated ability to effectively facilitate/lead and coordinate diverse partners representing a range of organizations to focus on shared goals and objectives, and track ongoing implementation and results.
    • Fluency in both English and Urdu.