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A non-profitable, non-governmental humanitarian and development organization seeks applications for the position of Consultant to conduct following workshops for National Level Organizations;


  1. To conduct workshop for national level organizations on “Building Block of Theory of Change (TOC)” and conduct refresher workshop for the same organization after six months.
  2. To conduct one-day session of organizations’ own staff on “Using TOC Approach for Project and Programs”


Four Day Workshop on ‘Building Block of Theory of Change’ for National Level Organizations:


This four-day workshop for local organizers aims to:

  • Provide an overview of Building Block of Theory of Change to participating organization and their participants.
  • Explain the Theory of Change approaches and their use at organizational level.
  • List Core Theory of Change principles.
  • Define Tools to enable participants to develop TOC for their own organization.
  • Explore methods for connecting a Theory of Change to log-frames and other organizational tools for M&E.

Expected Results of the workshop:

The expected result of the workshop would be;

  • Participating organizations have enhanced knowledge of Theory of Change, and what value this approach offers in a development context.
  • Participating organization have enhanced understanding of the method for problem analysis, and building a results chain using problem-solving.
  • Participating organization learnt how to do stakeholder mapping, and program mapping.
  • Participating organization are able to locate a Theory of Change within a monitoring and evaluation framework. This will include understanding risks and assumptions, interpreting a Theory of Change, and testing a Theory of Change.

Workshop Effectiveness Indicators:

The effectiveness of the workshop will be gauge by the following indicator, Participants are able to;

  • Describe a theory of change and when it is appropriate to use it.
  • Understand what an outcome is and describe the similarities and differences between a theory of change and a logic model or impact map.
  • Design a process and discussion guide for engaging with stakeholders.
  • Feel confident using the component parts of a theory of change and to communicate their strategic value.
  • Find a personal approach to visualizing and describing a theory of change.
  • Plan for how you will test and communicate your theory of change.

Refresher Workshop:

Action plans will be formed at the end of the workshop in which assignment will be given to each participant organization to work on application of learning and develop theory of change for their projects or organizations. Each participating organization will work on their assignment for 6 – 8 months of time and then they will be invited back to a two days refresher course in which they will present their assignments and the outcome. This will provide opportunity for technical assistance from the Consultant to address any challenges. This will provide all the participants a mutual learning platform as well.


Role and Responsibilities for Workshop of Local Level Organizations:

 To achieve the aim and objective agreed above; the Consultant is expected to:

  • Design workshop brochure, profile and baseline questions.
  • Develop agenda, session plans and presentation for the workshop on provided formats according to the needs of participants ,
  • Design pre and posttest for workshop participants to measure the skills/knowledge gained by the end of the workshop.
  • Design pre and post workshop assignment/online assignment for the participating organizations or introduce e-learning course.
  • Share reference material prior to the workshop which deems relevant to workshop’s unique context.
  • Provide materials/handouts, stationary, equipment and workshop hall requirements at least ten working days before workshop.
  • Travel from residence/home station to workshop venue on the mutually agreed dates for preparation and workshop delivery.
  • Taking part in debrief of workshop with workshop manager at the end of each day and discussing the plan for next day.
  • Debrief and prepare report of the workshop.
  • Develop detailed workshop manual on the basis of feedback from the team.

Follow Up Support:

The consultant will require to:

  • Design follow-up form as per needs highlighted in the Action Plan at the end of the workshop.
  • Design Refresher Workshop for the participating organization on the needs/priorities highlighted in the Action Plan and surface from follow-up survey.
  • Prepare end-line report (workshop and refresher) on agreed reporting format in agreed dates.


Job Specifications:


  • For the post of Consultant a Graduate or Master degree from recognized University preferably in social sciences, or other related discipline with at least five years hands-on experience of trainer.
  • Training delivery experience on same Topic will be given preference.


  • Excellent skill of training designing and facilitation.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Willing to travel to the remote area for providing technical assistance.  
  • Flexible in providing required support participating organizations.  
  • He or she must be well-informed on policies and laws relating to women rights
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills.
  • Excellent report writing skills.