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Base of Operations: Peshawar, KPG Project Office

Reporting line: MIS Specialist


The USAID funded Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governance Project (KPG) aims to support transitional activities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province to promote democratic processes, strengthen the ability of provincial government to be responsive to citizen needs, and create opportunities for gender equality and women’s empowerment thus bringing positive changes in attitude, perceptions and behavior about the quality of governance in the province. The project will promote the success of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (GoKP) and its reform agenda by engaging directly with the provincial departments, sustaining public engagement and strategic communications, and providing integrated assistance “packages” of activities that support specific GoKP objectives. 

KPG Project, which commenced in March 2015 and currently completes February 2019, needs to have its program information entered into a database to enable better electronic storage, retrieval, reviewing, querying, running reports, etc. As such, we are in urgent need for the immediate entry of beneficiaries’ and pre, post-test data of various training into Excel spreadsheet(s). The Data Entry Operator (DEO), through their short-term technical assistance (STTA), will enter all the program data into the Excel spreadsheets within the allotted time while ensuring accuracy and completeness. An ideal DEO candidate will have prior data entry experience, including advanced typing skills with an eye for detail and accuracy, and practical working proficiency with Excel spreadsheets and electronic format forms. The DEO will primarily work with and report to the MIS Specialist.


The Data Entry Operator will enter KPG Project program information into an Excel spreadsheet; both the information and the spreadsheet template will be provided by the MIS Specialist. All information will be entered while working from the KPG Project Peshawar office. The DEO’s   responsibilities, in addition to ensuring complete and accurate information is entered into the spreadsheet in a timely manner, must save the work completed in regular short-term intervals, in two locations, e.g. desktop and external hard disk drive, to ensure in the event of a technical glitch that the completed work will not be lost. The DEO will enter all the provided program data (in both scanned and hard copy forms) into the provided Excel spreadsheet as agreed in advance with the MIS Specialist. The DEO will also calculate, and manually record, the scores of all the pre-test and post-test data prior to entering into the spreadsheet.

Period of performance

The Data Entry Operator level of effort (LOE) will be for up to 15 days.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Entering beneficiaries; pre-test and post-test training score data; the text and numerical based information to be provided from KPG Project program documents.
  • Performing manual calculations and scoring, recording manually by hand, the pre-test and post-test documents that will then be entered into the spreadsheet.
  • Reviewing data for deficiencies or errors, seeking clarification for resolution and/or taking corrective action from the MIS Specialist as necessary for any identified issues with the data.
  • Entering accurate, complete data into the provided Excel spreadsheet; checking outputs from data entered (as applicable) to ensure resulting data quality.
  • Keeping all KPG Project and program information confidential.
  • Complying with data integrity and security policies regarding the handling of data.
  • Ensuring proper use of office equipment and bringing to the attention of the MIS Specialist any performance issues in a timely manner for moving to resolution.
  • Other reasonable related tasks as discussed and agreed by the MIS Specialist with the DEO in support of this consultancy, but not explicitly referenced in this SOW.

Timeline and Reporting

The Data Entry Operator LOE will be required for up to 15 days in total; the exact schedule of days to be worked will be determined by the DEO in coordination with the MIS Specialist, to whom the DEO will report, at the beginning of the consultancy.


  • College graduate with a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum; preferred.
  • Minimum of one (1) year of practical experience with data entry similar to the requirements of this consultancy; required.
  • Consultant has their own personal laptop computer, with Windows operating system compatible for working with MS Excel, with which they are most familiar in its use to help expedite the data entry work being completed in both a very timely and accurate manner; required.
  • Proficient in the practical use of relevant computer applications, i.e. MS Office Suite (Excel, Word).
  • Typing speed of minimum 30 WPM (words per minute) and accuracy at least of average level is required; advanced level is highly preferred.
  • Attention to detail in completing work without sacrificing quality under a tight timeline; required.
  • Works well without having continuous supervisory oversight regarding work accomplished as well as its quality; highly preferred.
  • Possesses both oral and written good communication skills in English; highly preferred.
  • Possesses very good interpersonal skills to facilitate work being accomplished in a timely, quality-oriented, professional and respectful manner; required.
  • Working knowledge of Pashto, oral and written; desired.