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Position Title: Consultant for Case Study Writing

Reporting Line: Senior Manager / Lead (Innovation)

Location: Islamabad / Lahore / Karachi

Duration: From Feb 2018 to June 2018

Type: Individual 

Application deadline for the position is February 11, 2018.

Interested individuals, can send their CVs to [email protected] mentioning the position title "Case Study Consultant" in the subject line.


Karandaaz Digital partners with government and private institutions for accelerating financial inclusion in Pakistan through government digitization efforts, digital research studies and digital experiments. These interventions seek to expand and improve the delivery of new digital financial services to poor and rural households, with a particular focus on women.

We expect these efforts and interventions to generate considerable learning in how to leverage digital payment systems to transform service delivery, create new use cases for digital transaction accounts and accelerate financial inclusion.  As such, there is a considerable opportunity to extract lessons from Karandaaz’s digital financial inclusion efforts, and disseminate them to the local and global community as public goods.

Position Summary:

The candidate will be responsible for writing case studies on Karandaaz funded projects. The candidate will be briefed about Karandaaz on-going interventions on which case study needs to be developed. The candidate is expected to be based in Islamabad but will be required to travel for any field research pertinent to the case studies. The consultant will also require to disseminate learnings from each case study via a workshop which will be organized by Karandaaz. 


Key Duties and Deliverables:

  • Design and develop case studies on the Karandaaz funded projects
  • Study the assigned projects of Karandaaz on which case study is required to be developed.
  • Complete any secondary research required for better understanding of Karandaaz projects.
  • Coordinating with the relevant DFS project leads to ensure timely completion of the case studies.
  • Coordinate discussions and meetings between different stakeholders on which the case study is being developed.
  • Conduct information dissemination sessions in the form of a workshop


  • Design and build case study template/structure for each of the three case studies with Karandaaz team
  • Story Board and Research Plan of each case study
  • Three case studies to be developed
  • Workshops to be conducted as part of knowledge dissemination.
  • All deliverables must be submitted by June 15th, 2018.


The resource will be directly reporting to Innovation lead, DFS or his assigned designee on the following lines:

  • Weekly check in call / progress email
  • End of Assignment Report capturing all learning from the project

Candidate Profile:

Education and Experience

  • Experience in conducting and collating primary and secondary research.
  • A track record in developing case studies will be preferred. A sample case study written by the candidate can be shared with the resume.
  • Experience in teaching case studies for learning purposes in classrooms will be preferred
  • An understanding of the technology and financial inclusion space in Pakistan will be preferred
  • The candidate can be a part of an organization and/or currently be enrolled in a Pakistani business school of international reputation.
  • Have conducted workshops in the past. 

Skills and Competencies:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to communicate with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills.
  • Good analytical skills to study business models and extract learnings for dissemination
  • Must be self-driven, highly organized and able to work and deliver in a diverse team.