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Job Purpose:

 The Trainer under the supervision of Master Trainer assesses teachers’ development needs and develops creative solutions to address teachers’ development needs through interactive teacher trainings and activities. Ensure implementation of curriculum through development of training and teaching materials. Develops training module, field tests and finalizes trainings in conjunction with the Master Trainer. Incumbent will be required to carry out visits for field-based trainings programmes.

 Key Responsibilities: 

Training – Planning & delivery (weightage:  60 %)  

 Used knowledge and understanding of relevant issues, ideas and theories for developing,  implementing and managing trainings and their assessment

  • Design and execute trainings using multiple strategies based on different learning styles and ability levels identified in the needs analysis
  • Designing and implementing training material which meets the need of distance learning and face to face learning.
  • Keeping up to date and enhancing professional knowledge and skills needed for improving performance
  • Is able to appy principles of performance based assessment to track the progress made by learners.
  • Assesses the training needs 

 Monitoring and support   (weightage:  30 %)

  • Visiting project schools occasionally to provide feedback to teachers to ensure training implementation
  • Supporting Master Trainer in identifying gaps in training and adjustining training material accordingly.
  • Supporting the Master Trainer in ensuring proper dissemination of information between trainers, projects and staff, developing cross-functional coordination, resolving communication issues.
  • Supporting the Master Trainer in developing quarterly training reports on trainings, status and progress.
  • Supporting the Master trainer in preparing the individual operating plan, training and curriculum budget 

 Any other work  (weightage:  10%)

  •   Support provided to different departments  

Subject specific skills: 

           Content Knowledge 

  • Strong knowledge of science subject matter and well versed with subject specific vocabulary

            National Standards 

  • Familiarity with National Curriculum for General Science and ability to present the curriculum in a coherent manner

Inquiry Based Learning

  • Knowledge of the science learning cycle that fosters attitudes of curiosity and engages students in hands on activities to explore and build their understanding of the natural world

Scientific Method & Science Process Skills

  • Knowledge of activities leading to the acquisition of science process skills that form the foundation of the scientific inquiry  

Use of Scientific Equipment

  • Competence in using scientific laboratory apparatus and equipment for conducting investigations 

           Nature of Science 

  • Aware of the evolving nature of scientific knowledge which is subject to change as new evidence becomes available

           Assessing Science Learning 

  • Knowledge of formal and informal methods of assessing science learning and science process skills 

Education, qualification, skills and experience: 

Education: (Formal degree)

  • Bachelor or Masters Degree from a recognized University in Education, Specific subject or related degrees.
  • Certification in teacher training

(Relevant) Experience:

  • 2 - 4 years experience with at least 2 years in Educational / Development Sector specifically in Teacher Training.
  • 2 years or more experience of classroom teaching  

Skills: (Essential and Desirable) 


  1. Ability to identify clear objectives for the training and have knowledge and understanding  of relevant issues, ideas and theories for developing the training.
  2. Capable to use variety of transfer of learning activities to help learners apply knowledge and skills to their classroom practice and familiar with learning activities which are best suited for different learning styles, levels of ability, and curriculum objectives.
  3. Ability to understand and can model standards for adult learning and professional development, including; respect for learners, supporting learners’ self- determination, and maintain appropriate confidentiality.
  4. Able to use feedback to encourage group involvement, to clarify and expand upon learner contributions, to guide the direction of the discussion, and to enhance the learners’ understanding of the content and concepts
  5. Able to use technology to facilitate blended learning 

Interpersonal and Communication:

  1. Competent oral and writing English language and Urdu skills.
  2. Able to create a climate of trust and transparency

Team Work:

  1. Fostering teamwork and performing effectively in a team.

IT Skills:

        1. Competent in the use of standard software applications i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint.