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Last date of submission of proposals will be 19th March 2018, Proposals submission can only be done through courier on below address:

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The Fred Hollows Foundation is an international developmental organization based in Australia which was founded in 1992 by eminent eye surgeon Professor Fred Hollows. The Vision of The Foundation is a world where no person is needlessly blind and Indigenous Australians exercise their right to good health. As of today, it operates in Australia and more than 20 countries across Asia, Africa and The Pacific. The Foundation started its operations since 1998 in Pakistan to eliminate avoidable blindness through Partnership with government & other partners to establish sustainable eye care programs, and support for health systems strengthening. The Foundation  has provided support to strengthen the local health infrastructure, develop human resources, improve access to and affordability of eye health services for the rural population, raising awareness of and building support for eye health programs and issues in Pakistan. Our work focuses on supporting vulnerable and marginalized groups such as underserved communities and women. 


The Fred Hollows Foundation, Pakistan, is implementing a three-year project titled “COMPREHENSIVE EYE CARE FOR AGRICULTURE & COTTAGE INDUSTRIES FEMALE WORKERS PROJECT at four Districts of Pakistan (District Hyderabad, District Khaniwal, Distract Jhang, and District Sahiwal.

This project will directly impact the productivity of females working in agriculture & cottage industries by preventing vision & economic losses through the provision of effective, affordable and gender sensitive comprehensive eye care services. About 500,000 female cottage & agriculture industry workers in Punjab (Jhang, Khanewal and Sahiwal districts) and Sindh (Hyderabad district) provinces will directly benefit from this project. The project will upgrade eye care services through provision of high quality, efficient and cost-effective technology at the primary and secondary levels of the health system, closer to the community to allow better access for women. Appropriate eye health personnel will be trained in order to provide quality preventive, promotional & curative eye care services. The project will strengthen referral systems from community to secondary level health facilities and raise awareness on prevention & promotion of eye health. The project will integrate eye health into the existing social security structures through multi-sectoral engagement & effective partnerships. The project will work closely with relevant health departments under the provincially devolved public health system as well as work with private/charity organizations, in addition to any existing health and welfare programmes already in place. These are unique partnerships bringing a range of stakeholders together for the first time in Pakistan to provide integrated eye care services to female agricultural and cottage industry workers.

Project Goal: To improve the eye health of female agricultural and cottage workers in targeted districts of Pakistan

 End of Project Outcomes:

  1. Quality and affordable eye care services are available for female workers in the agriculture and cottage industries in District Jhang, Sahiwal and Khanewal in Punjab province and District Hyderabad in Sindh Province of Pakistan.
  2. Occupational eye safety is improved for female workers working in the agriculture and cottage industries in district Jhang, Sahiwal and Khanewal in Punjab province and District Hyderabad in Sindh Province of Pakistan


The Purpose of the consulting services will be to develop need based BCC strategy, plan, effective and innovative core messages, tools and IEC material.

The BCC will:

  • enhance awareness amongst the agriculture & bangle female workers & employers regarding eye related occupational hazards,  prevention and risk reduction, timely treatment if required , and availability of services
  • address and promote attitudinal and value changes among target groups, leading to informed decision-making, modified behaviour, adoption of timely and appropriate practices at individual, family and community levels
  • stimulate increased and sustained demand for quality prevention and eye care services and optimal utilization of available services
  • enhance awareness amongst the service providers to provide gender sensitive eye care services


The specific tasks related to the consultancy are to:

Task 1:

Conduct a small-scale survey to identify eye health related occupational hazards & explore knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices of target communities

Task 2:

Develop BCC strategy. The BCC strategy will include:

  • an advocacy strategy to sensitize national, provincial  and district level policy- and decision makers, key influencers towards building/ reinforcing for hazard free working environment
  • a communication strategy for various target groups: husband, family, key influential people, female agriculture & bangle workers to encourage adoption of appropriate prevention and timely treatment interventions
  • a capacity building strategy for health service providers  at all levels to provide gender sensitive eye care services

Task 3: Develop and pre-test appropriate messages, tools and materials. This will include development of:

  • advocacy kits for policy- and decision-makers, employers & various key influencers
  • BCC skill development module & tool kit along with user guide for service providers to be given to them for providing gender sensitive eye care services and to sustain their interest and participation in the activities;
  • IEC materials & key preventive and promotional messages for different media/ target audience such as information card, info entertainment scripts, radio spots, illustrative leaflets, posters, and other materials.

Subsequently, all messages, tools and materials will be pre-tested according to agreed protocol.


  1. Survey report.
  2. BCC strategy
  3. Key messages in Urdu- English and Sindhi Languages for all audience
  4. IEC Material /Kit  for all audience


Sindh:     District Hyderabad

Punjab:  District Khaniwal, District Jhang, and District Sahiwal.

Time frame:

1 month (from last week of March to last week of April 2018)


The firms are required to submit their technical & financial proposal (one copy each in two separate sealed envelopes) according to the TORs, their organization profile, CVs of key team members, submission at least two agriculture and cottage hazards related assignments completed, and cover letter on printed letterhead with the signature of authorized person and seal indicating their interest in undertaking the assignment.

The proposals can only be submitted through registered post on last submission date will be considered valid for submission.


On the first stage for each category, only Technical proposals will be opened. Technical evaluation of the firms shall be based on information provided in Technical Proposals. For this proposal weightage of Technical and Financial shall be 50% and 50% respectively. The proposal found lowest and technical compliance will be accepted. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to present their proposal in detail


The Evaluation Committee reserves the rights to accept/reject any proposal without assigning any reason at any stage of the proposal evaluation process. The decisions of committee will be binding on all concerned and will in no case be challengeable at any forum or any court of law. The FHF country office is liable to be rejected if; they are not conforming the terms, conditions and specifications stipulated in this RFP document.