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Please email a CV, a cover letter and three references with contact information to by January 16, 2018. Please include “Position Title” in the subject line. Early applications are encouraged. No telephone inquiries, please. Only finalists will be contacted.

1.Scope of Work Summary:

Livestock Breeding Services Authority Punjab is arranging the training of the stakeholders inclusive of the artificial insemination technicians, artificial insemination supervisors, veterinarians and the farmers providing animal breeding services through maintaining the bulls, Rams and Bucks to raise awareness of the legal reforms being undertaken by the Government of the Punjab to accelerate the breed improvement in livestock. The trainings will be undertaken at the field offices of the L&DD Department in three divisions including Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and Bahawalpur on participatory mode near the door steps of the trainees. The facilitation in training and impact assessment of the training will be the primary responsibility of the consultant. Under this assignment, the consultant will additionally undertake the impact assessment of the training imparted and training need assessment for future trainings to the stakeholders.

The consultant will develop power point presentation embedded with pictures and video clips of the impact assessment activity.


In order to raise awareness regarding standards and quality of breeding services for the conservation and development of the local genetic resources, the Livestock Breeding Services Authority Punjab (LBSA) was established by the Government under The Punjab Livestock Breeding Act 2014 (Act XIII of 2014). The Authority is a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire, hold and dispose of property and can, by the aforesaid name, sue and be sued. The affairs of the Authority are managed and administered by the Registrar appointed by the Government of Punjab for a term not exceeding three years.

The breed improvement in livestock sector has been a priority area for the productivity enhancement of the sector. The policy initiative for breed improvement through enactment of the act “Punjab Livestock Breeding Act, 2014” has been facilitated by USAID PEEP through the process from preparation to approval. The promulgation of the Act and notification of breed standards has been supported by PEEP. The capacity of the stakeholders is to be developed for the implementation of the legal and institutional reforms targeting the productivity enhancement through conservation and development of breeds of livestock.

LBSA has signed an agreement with PEEP. Under this, PEEP will provide in-kind grants and technical assistance to LBSA to strengthen the human and institutional capacity of LBSA to develop, execute, and monitor the animal breeding standards in Punjab with the ultimate objective of developing the local genetic resources. Furthermore, the grant and technical assistance will facilitate LBSA to enhance the level of awareness of stakeholders of livestock breeding services chain through trainings.  Hence, LBSA requested PEEP’s assistance to carry out a training programs in Punjab to train over 6000 stakeholders.

In this backdrop, PEEP requires the services of a short term consultant, who can undertake impact assessment of the training imparted by LBSA regarding awareness of the application of animal breed improvement standards as per the Punjab Livestock Breeding Act, 2014 and facilitation in training to the participants.

Objective and Purpose of the Consultancy:

The overall objective of this assignment is to facilitate LBSA, by provision of a professional resource person to monitor the training cycle and document the impact of the training in the perspective of the implementation of the legal reforms.

3.Principal Duties, Responsibilities and Specific Tasks of the Consultant:

Under the overall guidance of PEEP, the consultant will accomplish the following, using his / her education and experience, knowledge of international best practices, and additional understanding gleaned from available secondary resources on standards and quality of the breeding services.

  • Have a meeting with USAID PEEP team at the beginning of the consultancy to understand the scope and deliverable of the assignment.
  • Hold meeting with relevant staff of LBSA to go through the objectives, scope and execution modalities of training program to get deep understanding about the target group and their role.
  • To have frequent meetings, as per need and requirement, with BEE Specialist/Livestock & Dairy Specialist of PEEP for refining training objectives, training contents, training material and training methodology.
  • To go through available SOPs of the livestock breeding operations developed by Government of the Punjab., L&DD Department and other national and international published literature on animal breeding and genetics.
  • Hold at least 18 meetings with management of LBSA, to carry out a short capacity need assessment taking into account the current and intended role of management of LBSA. Such capacity need assessment will serve as the stepping stone for chalking out training contents and training methodology.
  • With the facilitation of LBSA, develop short video clips of training impact on the stakeholders.
  • Develop a power point presentation in Urdu/ English, mostly pictorial, embedded with video clips, taking into account education level of target group.


The successful consultant shall deliver to Chemonics the following deliverables:

  • 1.      To impart / facilitate the training and document the impact of the training in the perspective of raising the awareness of the stakeholders regarding standards and quality of             breeding services inclusive the semen, liquid nitrogen gas, embryos, breed standards, breeding operation procedures, and pedigree and performance recording formats.
  • 2.      Monitor and assess the impact of the communication regarding the awareness about the application and implications of the Punjab Livestock Breeding Act, 2014.
  • 3.      Monitor and evaluate the impact of the training of the master trainers and the service       providers in the perspective of the implementation of the Act.
  • 4.      Monitor and evaluate the impact of the refresher courses of the master trainers

5. Qualifications

  1. Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Sciences or other relevant field. Masters or higher academic qualification, will be preferred.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of legal reforms in the field of animal breeding and genetics inclusive of the Punjab Livestock Breeding Act 2014.
  3. At least five years of professional experience of consultancy in development of the monitoring modules required for the impact assessment of the activities especially training.
  4. Experience of working in livestock breed improvement, is a prerequisite and expertise in Training Need Assessment will be required.
  5. Strong presentation, analytical and writing skills, and experience of presenting complex technical information in a comprehensible way.
  6. Good communication skills and fluency in English and Urdu

6. Duty Station:

The duty station for this consultancy is Lahore. The consultant is required to visit PEEP office as and when required for meetings and updates. He/she will also be responsible to hold meetings with LBSA and travel to its target groups in the target areas.


The consultant will report to USAID PEEP, Chief of Party. The daily monitoring and oversight of the consultant’s work will be responsibility of PEEP’s BEE Specialist/L&D Specialist. All the deliverables will be approved by respective professionals of PEEP.

8.Duration of the Assignment:

This assignment is planned to take place as per a start date of on or around February 01, 2018, and end date is April 30, 2018