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I. Organizational Context and Scope

Under the overall supervision of the Program Manager and in accordance with directives received from the Team Leader - Engineering and ADO, the incumbent will be responsible for the implementation of activities of Program in an assigned geographical area. Activities will include responding to the needs of the program for important, large scale and high visibility as well as small-scale infrastructure projects throughout FATA.

II. Responsibilities and Accountabilities

 The Agency Engineer responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Assessment, design, planning, and execution of small and medium level infrastructure projects ( such as Flood protection walls, Irrigation Channel, Drinking water supply hand pumps, tube wells, dug wells),  sanitation and other community projects).
  2. Providing Technical Support to the Program in designated geographical areas (Agency/F.R) of responsibility.
  3. Manage technical and engineering components related to the program implemented in an agency within FATA including the management of contractors.
  4. Design architectural and structural drawings as well as create bills of quantity, material specifications lists, and other technical documentation relating to infrastructure programming within FATA.
  5. Facilitate activities that assist government authorities to liaise with community leaders, individuals, and groups to identify and prioritize community needs.
  6. Attend meetings to discuss potential areas of mutual interest and benefit with program targeted municipal authorities, government ministries, local and international NGOs, and FATA communities.
  7. Monitor coordinating mechanisms for project implementation and reporting with local authorities, government ministries, UN Agencies, and NGOs.
  8. Identify appropriate mechanisms or vehicles to adapt structures and to tender bids from contractors or local labor.
  9. Negotiate contracts or agreements with contractors, and assist in the administration of grants.
  10. Monitoring all phases of the construction process and taking the initiative to note and point to contractors and their representative and staff, including labors, construction mistakes, flaws, omissions and other problems to the contractors and their staff and workers and ensure that mistakes are corrected immediately.
  11. Assist in the tracking of financial expenditure of all program funds in the area of responsibility.
  12. Prepare reports regarding the progress of projects including financial reports.
  13. To review work plan and carry out the performance evaluation of Site engineers.
  14. To assist Team Leader in devising strategy and plans.
  15. Establish contact with appropriate partner agencies when basic or special needs be identified.
  16. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.


  1. Should have excellent report writing skills.
  2. Should have strong verbal communication skills.
  3. Should have the ability to work independently.
  4. Working knowledge of Google Docs.
  5. Should have natural ability to identify issues/gaps and its possible solutions.



III. Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with four to five years related experience.
  • Experience in quality control, quality assurance procedures.
  • Experience in AutoCAD, Cost Estimation, and Technical Report writing and monitoring of Civil Engineering Works.


IV. Languages


Pashtu, Urdu, and English.


Pashto and English

Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply