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Fata Secretariat Program has designed and developing community based Micro Hydro Power projects to improve the socio economic condition and living standards of the local population deprived from the basic needs of life. The program therefore, decided to provide training to the operators of these completed and ongoing MHPs projects to ensure further sustainability and smooth operation.

The objective of the training is also to familiarize the operators with their roles and responsibilities that operators should undergo in order to properly operate and maintain micro-hydro power plants.

We believe that upon completion of this training, the MHP’s operator will have an understanding of the basic operation and maintenance procedures of the MHP plant under their control to operate it in a safe and smooth way.

For this purpose, Ten days (3 days in Theoretical Work shop + 7 days in field) training program has been scheduled in the coming month of 8th January 2018.

Resource Person will arrange Practical/Theoretical Training in work shop.

Resource Person will provide stationary to Trainees.

FSP intends to hire the services of a professional trainer for MHPs operator to conduct this Ten- days training for all 06 operators in any MHP workshop/factory for 3 days and  7 days field (Orakzai, Kurram Agency) training in any completed MHP site of the project area. 

Major tasks to be accomplished:

The resource person will provide training to the  selected 06 Nos of MHPs operators to be able to get enough knowledge ,understanding and  practices about MHP operation and maintenance covering the following aspects;

    • Micro Hydro Power plant and its components.
    • Roles and responsibilities of MHP operators and management Committee.
    • Characteristics of MHP equipment
    • Introduction of the MHP management system
    • Understanding about basic parts of Hydro Turbine and alternators.
    • Operation work and Contents of operation work of the MHP plant.
    • Method of operation of Civil Engineering and Electrical & Mechanical Facilities and records.
    • Panel Board and its main parts and function
    • Daily Patrol and Maintenance work of the MHP and its record.
    • Examples of trouble shouting, extraordinary conditions and the countermeasures.
    • Pulling out of bearing and greasing
    • General Households wiring and related issues.
    • Site inspection of the existing MHP plant and understanding of its different parts
    • Practicing operation of any completed and operational MHP.
    • Practicing maintenance of the turbine and alternator etc.
    • Trash rack and its cleaning/desalting
    • Power distribution networks and house hold connection
    • Volts, ampere, Frequency meters
    • Load management.
    • Trouble shooting/faults in distribution lines.
    • Common damages to wire and it jointing.
    • How to operate and balance the load.


1)      Trainer will develop report on training.

2)      Attendance sheet.

3)      Photographs of the in and out door complete training session.


Trainer Charges for 10 days inclusive all TA/DA/Training venue/Stationary charges:  PKR 112,300/-

4 days Refresher after two months of training, inclusive all TA/DA/Training venue/Stationary charges: PKR 48800/-