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Quotations should be submitted by post/online with the subject line “Influencing, Campaign and Branding: Empower Youth for Work” by January 04, 2018 (5PM) to the below address.
NOTE: Bids received after the mentioned date will not be considered for evaluation. Please ensure your bids reach within time at the following address:
Human Resource
Oxfam in Pakistan
Plot # 2, Street 11-A,
Idrees Market, F-10/2, Islamabad

Terms of Reference

Influencing, Campaign and Branding: Empower Youth for Work

Oxfam has been working in Pakistan since 1973. Driven by the vision of a just world, Oxfam in Pakistan works to create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. We support local partners and work with government authorities, civil society, academia and media to improve the lives of those living in poverty. Our humanitarian assistance, development programmes and advocacy campaigns have benefitted millions of people in Pakistan over the course of past four decades.
Empower youth for Work (EYW) is a 5 years’ program that aims to work towards poverty reduction, youth empowerment (especially young girls) and gender equality. The project will
work for improved economic and social empowerment for young women and men living in rural climate-change affected areas. The project will facilitate in implementation of
effective policies and practices that address the economic and gendered exclusion of youth and lead to productive and decent employment prospects for young people. 70% of the target audience will be young women aged 15-24 residing in the rural and semi-urban areas of districts Layyah in Punjab and Jamshoro in Sindh.

Building on its influencing work, Oxfam seeks to design and launch a campaign around women’s economic exploitation, gender based violence, and unequal distribution of responsibilities and roles within our society. The campaign will develop linkages with Oxfam’s ENOUGH campaign. Our (to be designed) campaign will help communities to understand the nuance of gender in equality viz a viz economic exploitation, neglect and abuse that occurs within our society at large. And will also target the policy makers, duty bearers, and influential to take appropriate actions to address economic in equalities, gender based violence, and un equal roles and responsibilities.
Devise branding material, themes and products for EYW project, for national and regional level projection.

Oxfam seeks services of an individual or a firm with a strong background in designing a comprehensive advocacy campaigns, around our EYW project. The individual/ firm will work
in close collaboration with Oxfam’s Empower Youth for Work (EYW) and Advocacy & Influencing team to comply to Oxfam’s programmes, guidelines and target audiences. The
consultant will also engage with key stakeholders such as UN agencies, NGOs, Civil society, Media, and other where relevant to secure their insight into designing a fitting framework of
the campaign.

Scope of the assignment includes:
EYW influencing strategy:
• Perform detailed desk review of Empower Youth for Work project documents to identify relevant influencing and campaign activities and get a sense of influencing scope and needs being factored into the proposal, plans, baselines and other documents.
• Revisit EYW influencing strategy in consultation with project implementing partners and Oxfam staff, and develop a campaign that focusses on GBV, economic exploitation, and biased gender roles.
Campaign Designing & Support in Execution:
• Review Oxfam’s related campaigns and identify synergies with other influencing work
• Review related in-country or regional campaigns executed by other development & non-development actors and take stock of learning
• Conduct consultation meetings with relevant stakeholders (civil society, political representatives and key influential)
• Conduct ONE comprehensive consultative meeting with different actors including civil society, private sector, UN agencies, Youth representatives etc. Group size is 15 to 20 relevant persons to be identified and engaged by the consultant. Preferred location is Islamabad and any change in the location can be discussed later (Oxfam to organize logistics of the consultative meeting)
• Design an influencing campaign with detailed implementation/execution plan based on revised EYW influencing strategy and consultative meetings
• Develop tools for effective influencing campaign (content including but not limited to policy asks, posters, flyers, digital content highlighting key messages and supporting facts)
• Support implementing partners in executing influencing campaigns

Branding & Marketing of EYW Project:
• Participate and capture highlights from ongoing events of EYW (at national/district level)
• Develop EYW marketing plan and support Oxfam team in sharing promotional material at multiple media platforms on regular basis to ensure maximum visibility of project
• Develop promotional videos, messages, social media posts, blogs, case studies, articles and stories of change based on project successes and events
• Support project implementing partners in marketing and branding of EYW project

Any other valid aspect can be discussed during the final meeting
Under the overall guidance and supervision of Oxfam, where Oxfam will provide necessary inputs to smoothly carry out the campaign design process
It is anticipated that the selected consultant will produce:
1. A work plan with content specification, approach and clear timelines to carry out the
2. Agenda setting of the consultation meeting in close coordination with Oxfam.
3. Facilitation tools for the meeting in soft and hard form.
4. Identification and coordination with relevant civil society actors to participate in meeting Facilitate consultative meeting (on approved agenda, incorporating a healthy mix of theory and practical exercises) to design campaign.
5. Advocacy campaign with Implementation plan
6. Develop content and design of campaign tools including key messages (Urdu), policy asks, posters and flyers (This doesn’t include printing)
7. EYW Influencing strategy
8. EYW marketing plan
9. EYW Project promotional materials to be developed (to be discussed in detail during interview):
o Project Video
o Blogs:
o Case studies:
o Newspaper articles:
o Social media posts+ Messages

*** All travel and logistics of consultation meeting will be arranged by Oxfam.
*** All travel and logistics of the consultant to be managed by the consultant.


This is a 4 months’ consultancy. Duration of this assignment is between January 15th – May
14th, 2018 (inclusive of meeting and deliverable submission).

• Minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in campaign designing and execution particularly around gender issues.
• Minimum of five years’ training/facilitation experience of carrying out trainings >5 years communication designing and media management experience with a strong focus on developing campaigns, media advocacy strategies and tools.
• Past experience in designing Gender campaigns.
• Expertise in developing videos, case studies, blogs, articles and social media messages.
• Highly developed communication skills, including ability to draft/edit texts and to articulate ideas in a clear, concise style to a variety of audiences.
• Experience of work with other international (I) NGO’s.
• Experience in videography and message design
• Demonstrate clear understanding of cultural sensitivity around gender rights.
• Interest in using new media and technology for creativity and innovation in work.
• Good coordination with civil society actors.

The following should be included in application:
• At least two relevant reference assignment previously performed by the applicant that are comparable in content, time and money.
• Copy of proof that the applicant is a tax filer of the Government of Pakistan.
• An approach paper, including a time planning based on this ToR.
• CV(’s) of the proposed consultant(s), proving relevant experience
• Total price. Accompanied with a cost break down of activities, days or hours spent and the related fee.