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Job Description

Job Title: Alumni Program Officer

Experience: Minimum two years of relevant experience

Qualification: Pakistani Master’s or U.S. Bachelor’s degree

Reports To: Director Alumni Affairs


• Develop contacts with new alumni and alumni not currently in the active alumni networks.

• Maintain database of information about the alumni and their activities.

• Work with the Alumni Chapter Representatives to arrange alumni activities and to hold elections at different chapters.

• Support alumni to extend and amplify the benefits of the Fulbright, Humphrey, and other programs in Pakistan.

• Coordinate with the alumni for wide circulation of the USEFP grant announcements and motivate alumni to encourage their eligible colleagues/faculty/friends and students to apply and compete for these grants.

• Provide encouragement and support to potential Pakistani citizens to apply and compete for the Fulbright, Humphrey and other USEFP grants.

• Support alumni in holding academic as well as social gatherings for the alumni, particularly at their respective chapters.

• Motivate and engage alumni to review the applications and serve on the interview panels for making final selection of candidates to participate in the USEFP scholarship programs.

• Arrange seminars and talks of the Fulbright/Humphrey alumni to share their grant experiences with their students, faculty and community.

• Maintain, expand, and develop a database of the Fulbright/Humphrey alumni and keep it updated, particularly for their respective chapters.

• Update the USEFP/alumni website/blog/Facebook, highlighting the alumni activities.

• Help the alumni in their job search and settling down.

• Provide information for the Newsletter, covering alumni activities.

• Coordinate with the Program, Testing and Advising staff at Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi to help and support their activities, particularly by engaging the alumni at these posts.

• Provide encouragement and support to USEFP alumni to apply and compete for the Alumni Small Grants Program in Pakistan.

• Perform other official duties, as and when assigned by the Supervisors

Other Requirements:

• Able to adhere to high standards of conduct, sound work ethics, consistency and fairness.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Urdu.

• Ability to work well with people.

• Expertise in social media and communications