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Under the overall supervision of the Programme Manager and under the direct supervision of the Agency Development Officer, the Field Officer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing the FSP activities in his area of responsibility (AoR).

To ensure local acceptability and security, the Field Officer will be based in the political administration compound and will work with the FATA Secretariat (FS), Political Agents (PAs), line departments and other government structures, as appropriate, at the Agency level. The Field Officer will be required to travel extensively to the field areas and sub office and main office if required.

The Field Officer’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Advise Agency Development Officer (ADO) on programmatic strategy, including where to focus program resources, how to develop operational relationships with the PA’s office, and how to address programmatic challenges as they arise
  2. To assist ADO in planning, management, execution and monitoring of all project activities
  3. To work in close coordination with technical section to ensure quality of work
  4. Manage relationships with relevant stakeholders, including but not limited to Government departments at the Agency and local levels, community and tribal elders, and local organizations and communities
  5. Monitor and report on the rapidly changing environment and actively contribute to the PTI overall strategy, design and implementation
  6. Establish and oversee consultative processes between GOP structures and target communities to identify, recommend, design, and develop projects for funding
  7. Identify potential communities with the consultation of political administration and address their demands accordingly to PTI Policy
  8. Ensure the successful implementation of project activities, including planning and the transparent procurement of grant-related goods and services. Successful implementation should include on-going consultative processes, and government and community involvement in all phases
  9. In conjunction with other PTI staff, evaluate completed projects
  10. Share with other program staff successful methodologies for consultative approaches to grant development and implementation
  11. The FO will identify the area/region based on strategic objectives of the program to prioritize the PTI grants
  12. To persistently coordinate with the implementing partners to track physical progress of the ongoing grants
  13. To interact/ hold meetings with the POC and TOC members aiming at improving the quality and deliverables and subsequently gaining the confidence of stake holders
  14. Participate in the bidding of grants and assist the logistics in relevant documentation
  15. Writing of grant ideas, success stories and weekly grants updates
  16. To assign duties to field staff and AFO and their capacity building in report writings, grants updates and community mobilization
  17. To supervise and manage all activities in absence of ADO/team leader

Technical Skills:

  • Knowledge in community participation and consultative-type projects.
  • Capacity to understand and analyze national, regional, and local politics, and the creativity and analytical capacity to design and implement grants with the interface between government and communities. 
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to connect with other stakeholders and team members;
  • Strong capacity to work with initiative and without close supervision
Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences or equivalent;
  • 05years’ experience with project design, development, management, and implementation of development-type projects;
  • Ability to manage conflict and encourage collaboration;
  • Demonstrated teamwork, team facilitation


  • Thorough knowledge of English; working knowledge of Pashtu, or other languages spoken in the region will be an advantage.

 Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.